When was founded the oldest company in the world?


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When was founded the oldest company in the world?

still from the TV series "the Office."

Today, one of the most recognizable companies are Apple, Google and Microsoft. First firm produces popular smartphones, the second created the well-known search system, and the third developed the ubiquitous Windows operating system. Founded 50 years ago, they have gained great fame in a very short time. But in different corners of our planet still work for the company, which was founded hundreds of years ago. In 2011, the title of "the oldest company in the world" was given to the Japanese Onsen hotel classic cars rally keiunkan (Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan), which was established in the distant year 705. At this point, the business already manages 53 generation family — offering people relax and take a bath with water from the hot springs. But what else the old company still exist today? Let's deal.

the oldest Bank

The first Bank in the world was founded in 1477 and is called Monte dei Paschi di Siena (Monte dei Paschi di Siena). The company was founded in the Sienese Republic, which existed until the XVI century and was considered the major financial centre of Italy. In the first years of its existence, the Bank has provided to the people who need loans with low interest rate. Throughout its history, the Bank has undergone many changes and at the moment it works in almost all financial centers of the world.

the Palazzo Salimbeni

Due to its rich history, Monte dei Paschi di Siena is considered a symbol of banking. The headquarters of the company located in the Italian Palazzo Salimbeni. It holds many historical documents and original paintings by famous Italian artists like Pietro Lorenzetti.

the oldest newspaper

The oldest newspaper, which published the news, is considered a "Regular postal news" (Ordinari Post Tijdender). Date of establishment of the Swedish Newspapers is considered, 1645. The collection is handled by a special staff who had to report all the news about the lives of journalists. The latest issue hung in public places, is that people were aware of all the changes in the society. In 1821 the paper was merged with another publication, after which it began to be called as "Post and local news" (Post-och Inrikes Tidningar).

Page of the newspaper "Izvestia Regular mail."

For a Long time, the newspaper flourished, but over time she began to interfere with commercial Newspapers. Due to the large competition, in 1922, the newspaper began to publish only information about the state decrees. As time went on, technology began to evolve rapidly and the Internet has been around since 2007, fresh rooms have exclusively in electronic form. Here, by the way .

Website Ordinari Post Tijdender

The oldest manufacturer of musical instruments

According to historical records, the musical instruments were first produced in 1623. Just then one of the inhabitants of the Ottoman Empire created an alloy of copper, tin and silver, which upon impact was making the sound. Over time, he began to produce from their leaves, which are now known as drum cymbals. The manufacturer also created percussion instruments that the soldiers used in battle to intimidate enemies.

Modern plate 'Zildjian'

About and there was a company Zildjian which is now considered the largest manufacturer of percussion instruments. It should be noted that they are not cheap and are highly regarded professional musicians. The headquarters of the company, by the way, located in the United States. And all because the descendants of the same man at the beginning of the XX century, moved there for business expansion.

The oldest beer

If the counter of the store you see a beer with a label Weihenstephan, know that it was made by the oldest brewery in the world. It was founded in 1040, in the territory of the German city of Freising. If you believe the Internet, the company went on to great fame with its high quality beverages. For example, some people say that the taste of beer Weihenstephan has a "banana notes".

Weihenstephan — the oldest brand of beer

In Addition to the production of beer, staff training Weihenstephan brewery business. It is reported that they collaborate with the University of agriculture. In the brewery there is a small restaurant where visitors can try different varieties of the drink. Also open for the visits of the Botanical garden with samples of hops, which is used in the manufacture of beer.

the oldest company of Russia

The first company was founded in Russia the company can confidently be called Petrodvorets watch factory. It was founded in 1721 by Peter the great for making jewelry for the Royal family. Throughout its history the plant several times changed the direction of its activities. For example, in 1949 there were going to wrist watch Pobeda and Zvezda. Since 1961, the factory produces watches under the brand Raketa.

Watch "Victory"

Today the factory not only manufactures watches but also provides customers with various types of third-party services. For example, employees of repairing various counters, produce small parts for various equipment and doing other tasks that require extreme precision. In 2015, the plant represented the largest clock movement in the world — it is set to "CCS on Lubyanka".

It is Worth noting that another well-known company of today is the Tesla, created by Elon Musk. In 2018 the author of Hi-News.ru Ilya Khel wrote a series of articles — highly recommended reading!


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