Mystery of the Sargasso sea, and why there were dead ships


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Mystery of the Sargasso sea, and why there were dead ships

At the time, in the Sargasso sea lost a lot of ships.

Almost all mystical place, about which people say, giving them a mysterious halo, are on the water. When ”ends”, the disappearances do seem very strange and inexplicable. One of the places that are still afraid to go sailors, is the Sargasso sea, which has features that distinguish it from other seas in the world. The share of mysticism in this story there is but most of the mystics, the scientists were able to explain. The explanation was very interesting and they are often based on the features of this part of the world ocean.

Most interesting sea in the world

The Sargasso sea is truly one of the most interesting seas in the world. This is for several reasons. For example, this sea is unique in the world, which has no shores. It is as if in the depths of the Atlantic ocean and partially within the Bermuda triangle, which is about how it has gone from a unit of American bombers.

Due to the very strange shape of the currents that meet in this region, water in the Sargasso sea is almost always stationary. The currents that are around him, bring him inside the waters of the algae and debris. It turns out that some sort of sump, which is estimated to have already accumulated around 10-11 trillion tons of algae.

Such Islands of algae can be found in the Sargasso sea almost everywhere.

If the algae are no questions, then the solution to the garbage problem, which is also standing there very serious, is a very important task. In fact, the existence of such areas can be considered literally a godsend for humanity. Of course , but the fact that large debris is not necessary to chase all over the ocean, making it the fee for further processing is very convenient. The main thing to start to do this.

and what it is.

The water Temperature at the surface of the Sargasso sea is about 28-29 degrees, and scientists say the water level here is about 1-2 meters above the level of the world ocean.

Also, scientists can not yet answer the question of why the eels from Europe arrive here to defer the offspring. The most interesting thing that swam back, and this way it takes them at least three years.

the Sargasso sea is located in the Western part of the Atlantic ocean.

How do ships disappear in the Sargasso sea

In the sea, which we are discussing today, lost a lot of ships, and the sailors tell each other legends about the ships-the ghosts that occur in this area. Because of this, the Sargasso sea has a bad reputation and sailors are afraid to go into it.

Ships in the waters of the sea are lost mainly for two reasons. First — the large amount of algae , which fall back in the old days, though not in such quantities as now. This led to the fact that the ships could literally get caught up in them and not be able to pass on.

can Not be called Sargasso sea is a graveyard of ships. But killed a lot of them out there.

The Second reason is the very rare wind in this region. Because of this, many sailing ships entering the waters of the Sargasso sea, just couldn't leave. In the end they ran out of provisions on Board, the team would often mutiny and all or died or tried to flee on veselnyh boats, but such ideas were often doomed to failure.

These two reasons are often cited to the fact that the ships that passed through the Sargasso sea . However, sometimes Vice versa, when there are ships. An example is the ship ”Rosalie”, which was discovered in these waters in the 1840-ies. On Board there was not a single member of the crew, and the ship was just drifting in itself. However, there were more famous and mysterious findings in the Sargasso sea.

So, on the West side in 1872 was discovered one of the most mysterious Ghost ship in Maritime history. It was the ship ”Mary Celeste”. It so happened that on Board the ship, too, was not a single person — were missing.

picture of a boat «Mary Celeste» back in the time when he was «Amazon»

Actually, the story of this ship was very interesting. At first it was called ”Amazon”, but always something happened. He got into trouble in the port, then something happened with burden, and in 1868 the ship was beached. The company that owned the boat, refused to exploit it further and it was resold several times. As a result, the ship for $ 1,800 was purchased by a sailor from new York Richard Haynes. Approximately 8500 dollars he spent on his recovery, called it the ”Mary Celeste” in 1872, went to him in the way, taking the cargo. In swimming, he took my wife, two year old daughter and seven crew members.

I Wonder what the ship was carrying a cargo — food and explosive ethanol. When the ship was discovered, all that was on Board at the time of shipment from the port was in place. This refutes the theory that the ship could capture pirates. They certainly would not have refused such a valuable prey. According to one version, the crew were afraid of leakage of ethanol and hastily left the ship. Of course, boats don'twas detected as the command. Again, only as a version, it is believed that they sank during a storm.

Captain Haynes family.

How many ships have been lost in the Sargasso sea

To give the exact number of ships that got lost in this very unusual sea difficult. Perhaps the account goes on tens, but it is possible that hundreds. The problem that has gone mostly sailing ships at a time when there was no current means of positioning. Then accounting was conducted differently. About many of the missing ships just nobody knows. If you know something about this, tell us . All would be very interesting.

Today, this is not the best for the vehicles and so they try to ignore it. Because of this, now the ships in the region doesn't go as often as before. This is probably one of those places that was mystical, but now the former air of mystery in them had already left.


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