Sometimes during childbirth used "laughing gas": is this dangerous for babies and mothers?


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Sometimes during childbirth used

First labor pain relief was applied In 1847 by obstetrician James Simpson. He gave women to inhale different substances, but then it turned out that they often lead to suffocation of infants.

According to Rosstat, in 2018 in our country was born more than 1.5 million children. In the US the figure is even more, and the majority of mothers during the birth of a child in tremendous pain. To facilitate this process, doctors offer expectant mothers a variety of methods of pain relief. In the United States are very popular so-called epidural analgesia, which involves the introduction of anesthetics in the area of the spine. In Russia analgesics administered intramuscularly or intravenously, but sometimes used inhalation anesthetics. Patients inhale a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, become a little drunk and distracted from the pain. In the US, this method has not been used since the mid XX century, but now he is again gaining popularity. In this regard, scientists from the us state of Colorado decided to test its efficacy and safety for newborns and mothers.

Pain during childbirth

Pain during childbirth occurs at least for two reasons. The main causes of pain are, of course, stretching of the cervix and vagina, and rupture soft tissues. Also, scientists believe that during childbirth women experience the so-called "corticogenesis pain" that arise in the cortex of the brain because of intense fear and stress.

that the occurrence of pain plays a big role the cerebral cortex, in 1949 declared a Soviet psychiatrist Ilya Volvovski

It is generally believed that during labor the body does not perceive pain as an indicator of a problem and, over time, women forget about these horrors — perhaps because nature has taken care of the continuation of the human race. Therefore, the decision about anesthesia in childbirth is taken individually and, in some cases, mothers do without anesthesia.

Pain relief in labor

Typically, anesthesia during childbirth is applied in cases of severe pain, which can lead to respiratory failure women, premature fatigue and even death of the child due to lack of oxygen. There are three main methods of pain relief during labor and delivery: intravenous or intramuscular injection ; blocking the transmission of pain signals to the brain (epidural anesthesia); inhaled anesthesia with a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen.

Nitrous oxide is often used in dentistry

The First two methods have a number of contraindications like intolerance to certain anesthetics, so they can be potentially dangerous for the child and for mother. Before applying it is important to consult a doctor, otherwise the problems can hardly be avoided. But with inhalation anesthesia, things are much simpler — if inhaled mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen a person kind of groggy and sleepy.

What is "laughing gas"?

The So-called "laughing gas" has a weak narcotic activity and it can be applied in relatively large quantities. Also, it does not cause irritation of the respiratory tract and leaves the body through the respiratory tract after about 5 minutes after the procedure. Depending on the situation, the inhalation is carried out continuously with breaks for 30-40 minutes, or in between contractions to next attack of pain was reached the highest degree of analgesia.

"Laughing gas" is used in medicine since the nineteenth and already fairly well known. However, in the 1950-ies in the United States began to use epidural anesthesia, which involves the administration of anesthetics to the spinal area through the catheter and blocking the transmission of pain signals to the brain. According to the doctor of medical Sciences of Nodal Priscilla (Priscilla Nodine), recently, the nitrous oxide again began to be applied in some clinics of the USA, so the researchers began to wonder whether it is safe and effective.

Medical nitrous oxide can be effective in dentistry, but at birth its action may be enough

About security, in fact, doubt. Yes, the "laughing gas" in pure form can lead to deficiency of vitamins, poor breathing and even damage to the fetus. But for medical purposes it is necessarily mixed with oxygen and passed through filters, so the entire negative effect of it almost completely disappears.

Reviews about nitrous oxide

But the effectiveness of nitrous oxide in terms of pain causing issues. Researchers from the state of Colorado has conducted research work involving 463 women who chose inhalation anesthesia as the primary anesthetic technique. According to the data , 69% of them in the birth process asked for another type of anesthesia — epidural method that blocks the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Almost all of these women answered that were forced to choose another method of pain relief due to the weak effect of "laughing gas".

Insome cases anesthesia during childbirth do not apply

There is nothing particularly amazing, because childbirth is typically used a mixture of 50% nitrous oxide and oxygen. Such concentration may weaken women, but to spare them the pain she is not capable. It is noteworthy that women who experienced difficult childbirth, almost always refused to inhalation anesthesia and chose something "more serious."

Generally, the severity of birth affects not only the technical equipment of the hospitals, but the ratio of staff to patients. In the course of a sociological survey, it was found that a poor ratio of doctors to expectant mothers are strongly influenced by the process of childbirth because women .

The Birth of a child is a very serious and responsible process. At wrong gestation in fetal development can cause serious errors which have terrible consequences. For example, recently in the US a girl with a second mouth. Fortunately, the problem was solved by surgery. As it happened, read .


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