SpaceX space suit was created by Hollywood designer: how was it?


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SpaceX space suit was created by Hollywood designer: how was it?

In late may, we all like watching a movie about space, but it's real!

The End of may 2020 will go down in history because SpaceX became the first private company that successfully sent astronauts to the International space station. The live broadcast of this event watched by thousands of people all over the world and many have noticed that the pilots of the spacecraft was dressed not in a huge NASA space suits and light suits from SpaceX. In the photos they look like the real heroes and this is not surprising. Outer clothes were stitched designer Jose Fernandez (Jose Fernandez), who has more than 20 years designing costumes for superhero movies, Batman and spider-Man. But as someone from the film suddenly appeared in the space industry? Let's delve into history.

superhero Costume

It All began in 2016, when SpaceX turned to Jose Fernandez with a proposal to participate in the contest. The participants were required to create a comfortable and beautiful suit for space travel. Software originally Jose was not familiar with SpaceX, and thought that he is asked to come up with a costume for your next sci-Fi movie. But no — created the helmet had to be not only pleasing to the eye, but also to provide astronauts freedom of movement and maximum safety.

One day, Fernandez said that the head of SpaceX described his vision of SpaceX suit in the following words:

In a tuxedo all the people look great, regardless of its shape and size. Donning a spacesuit, astronauts want to look in them much better than without them. They should look like heroes.

Experience in creating the heroic images from Jose Fernandez was in bulk. During his career he has managed to design costumes for such films as "Batman vs. Superman", "New Spiderman" and "the First avenger: Confrontation." Do you remember the glowing costumes of the sci-Fi Thriller "Tron: Legacy"? This is also the handiwork of Jose Fernandez.

Elon Musk is an avid lover of all things fantastic, it is not surprising that he chose Fernandez

In 2016, while work on the costumes for the film "Batman vs. Superman", Jose has done the unthinkable — he let Ben Affleck an actor to freely move his neck in the batsuit. In all the previous movies about "man – bat", the actors were limited in movement due to stiffness superhero mask. Jose Fernandez made the costume so that the actor was easier to move her neck, which certainly had a positive impact on his game in the movie. He also helped the actor Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine in the movies about "X-Men" — previously, due to the tight suit, he went up the stairs. Rumor has it that sometimes he even needed help from employees set.

Batman from the movie 2016 is really unusual costume in the previous films he was obviously

SpaceX Space suit

Most Likely, it was a rich experience in the creation of superhero costumes and helped the designer to gain the trust Elon musk. First created by josé Fernandez, the suit SpaceX in 2017. Elon Musk has published the image with the top part of the costume on my instagram and the photo was accepted with great interest. Later new space suit by NASA astronaut Sunita Williams, who confirmed his comfort for movement. She also noted that the helmet is easily put on with a click, and generally reminiscent of a motorcycle. According to her, at ease suit inferior to all the previous suits in which she happened to wear.

During the preparations for the launch vehicle and at least two broadcasts, we have already seen that the suit SpaceX looks easy. Suits the XX century, in which buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong took the first steps on the moon, was similar to ancient suits for scuba diving. And outer clothing SpaceX, with all of its patches on the elbows and other vulnerable areas, looks simple and modern. Of special attention is the lack of heavy equipment on the surface of the suit — it is reported that the electronics hidden in the legs.

Left — diving suit of the XVII century, and the left — the spacesuit of Neil Armstrong. Looks cumbersome, isn't it?

Thanks to the experience gained during the work on superhero films, and Jose Fernandez have created a helmet that not only provides a wider viewing angle, but also allows you to freely move your head. On the back of the helmet has a flexible element, which is visible on 27 may made photos where astronaut Doug Hurley sits in the Tesla for a trip to the upcoming launch of the ship. He easily tilted his head to fit through the car door, but if he was dressed in an old suit NASA — he'd barely tried to push his head into the cabin that would look extremely ridiculous.

Astronaut Doug Hurley sits in the car, Tesla may 27, 2020

For the suit Jose Fernandez is quite possible to give some reward but perhaps the company SpaceX already well paid for the work done. Costumedefinitely looks nice, but as far as it is durable — is a big mystery. Foreign publications write that he is protected from fire and sealed, but it would be interesting to see crash test, where the fashions were on fire and subjected to different extreme effects.

Maybe soon we will see, because the SpaceX team and NASA actively share details about the mission. After a few hours since the launch, the pilots of the spacecraft Crew Dragon's live stream. They showed the world the control panel of the ship and told about the taken on Board a plush dinosaur. In my opinion, turned out very interesting material, so inviting .


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