On the Earth live creatures with transparent skin: why is it necessary?


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On the Earth live creatures with transparent skin: why is it necessary?

In 2016, the American scientists have found that the planet is inhabited trillions of species of living creatures that inhabit land, water and air. They all look different: their bodies are covered with hair, scales, skin, and other varieties of covers. Many animals use their appearance to mask, and the most unusual method is used by aquatic creatures. You probably at least once in my life seen an aquarium of "sea glass" — fish, the internal organs which are visible to the naked eye. This feature helps them to hide from predators, because created by the water distortion making them virtually invisible. But in the world there are semi-transparent frog scientists could not understand how they remain invisible, as the land of water there is no distortion. Fortunately, the answer to this question has recently been found.

Transparent animals

Let's first talk about truly transparent creatures. Take, for example, aquarium fish species Parambassis ranga, which are also known as glass perch. They live in the fresh waters of Asian countries and reach 8 cm in length. They are so transparent that through them the outer cover can be easily reviewed all the internal organs. They feed on tiny invertebrates by creatures like worms and crustaceans. They have a lot of enemies, but in most cases they remain unnoticed by them just due to its transparency.

Transparent fish Pets aquarium owners

Another transparent substance is glass octopus species Vitreledonella richardi. His body is also practically no coloring substances and through the body, you can see all the internal organs. Pay attention to his brain, something resembling a life preserver or a bagel — it's huge. And this is not surprising, because octopuses are among the most intelligent invertebrate creatures on Earth. Their brain is able to remember information and learn. The author of the Hi-News by Daria Yelets even told me that smart octopus much .

Camouflage animals

As you know, almost all transparent creatures exist in the water. But on land there are creatures, through body which can see internal organs. Let me introduce to you a glass frog of the form Centrolenidae, which lives in South America.

it looks like the transparent frog species Centrolenidae

Their bodies truly transparent so that through them you can see bones, intestines, heart and other internal organs. But why would these tiny frogs have transparent body, scientists are still not known. It was quite logical to assume that due to its appearance they are hiding from their enemies of birds and survive the harsh conditions. But how amphibians do not pretend the appearance of the internal organs in the open air, without any distortions, it was not clear. Required a scientific explanation that was finally given.

Nature has given frogs the transparent body as camouflage.

In research published an article in which Professor James Barnett and his colleagues explained a method of masking glass frogs and assessed its efficiency in several experiments. They immediately noted that on the back of these amphibious creatures have a green "spot", which becomes darker or lighter depending on the background on which they sit. The belly and legs of an unusual being transparent, which is why there is a smooth transition from green to "invisibility".

The Researchers recreated on the computer appearance of glass frogs. In some models the transition from green to opacity was sharp, and the rest — smooth, just like in reality. A volunteer group of 25 people, these models were shown on different backgrounds. People were asked to find the largest possible number of frogs and they are mostly found models with more crisp edges. The virtual frogs with the "blurred" edges were less noticeable.

To verify the effectiveness of camouflage glass frogs, scientists conducted a second experiment. They are blinded from gelatin 360 figures, which are also distinguished by the sharpness of the transition from green to transparent. Artificial frogs were scattered through the rainforest, where they often hunt birds. Three days later, scientists discovered that raptors most often found the victims with clearer outlines. Fuzzy on the edges of the frog again become elusive lucky.

Scientists explain this phenomenon by the fact that the eyesight of humans and animals responds to objects with sharp transitions between colors faster than blurred outlines. Many animals use the unusual color, so as much as possible to hide the boundaries of my body. For example, snakes blend in with the environment by using patterns on the back — a great alternative to transparent bodies of aquatic creatures. About the snakes I advise you to read more in — there's even a videowhere these vile and poisonous creatures are dying from the spikes of the prickly hedgehogs.

Transparent fish Parambassis ranga is also known as glass perch


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