One of the most dangerous fishes of Russia. What is it?


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One of the most dangerous fishes of Russia. What is it?

We All know that to swim where there are sharks, you can't. The danger of this predator is known to all, even though in many respects exaggerated by cinema and folklore. Just not all as dangerous as I think about them, and some predators are only conditionally. There are other fish. For example, piranhas, everything is easier with them. They are dangerous and it is better not to go into the water where they live. Even if they are small, but they will be a lot. It turns out that in our waters also have fish which is better to gutter side. They can't bite, they are not the size of a car, they can't produce electricity, but they are dangerous. Although there can be.

Most dangerous fish in the Russian bodies of water

It Turns out that the danger of swimming in our waters is not only that there sometimes you can find snakes, but in that there fish, which is unlikely to kill you, but bad certainly can.

It is called by different. Why this is so, to explain I can't, as I couldn't find reliable information anywhere. However, among the ”names” can be found such as Marina, akbalyk and Schizothorax.

The Danger of this fish is that it has special glands that emit a strong poison. This poison something even similar to the one that repel the attacks of their abusers puffer fish. Akbalyk so protected from aquatic predators and birds, which can also hurt them. This fish is found in rivers and lakes, which are located predominantly closer to the East of our country.

and why urban lighting can kill them?

The fish Itself akbalyk thus leads a predatory lifestyle and the quality of the food chooses the smaller fishes or invertebrates (insects). However, there are some kinds of this fish, which eat only plants.

How to look like fish Marinka

When you see this fish, don't think she can hurt you. At first glance, it is very harmless and similar to other river inhabitants. Most importantly, it is not inflated in the balloon, as that is the puffer fish, with which she has a similar ”recipe” venom.

The Body of this fish is covered with small scales. The main color of the scales varies from cream to gray-olive, back and fins are usually gray, and the belly is black (sometimes because of this it is called black fish). A distinctive feature is the tail fin, which is bordered by the neighborhood of the enlarged scales. In the corners of the mouth they can find two pairs of short moustache.

Such a stylish mustache distinguish Marina from many other fish.

Akbalyk (Marinka) is relatively small, although it may reach one meter in length and twelve kilograms of weight. Usually spawns in spring in rivers. The ROE is poisonous, bottom, sticky.

Can you catch and eat poisonous fish

Many poisonous fish to catch is not prohibited. This includes Marina, but this should be done very carefully. Typically, this involved only experienced fishermen. All of the protein poison, which produces their body. Ordinary people without training don't mess with this fish, so the fishery may be a threat to life, regardless of whether the use of Marinka in the food.

This is the fish you can. Moreover, those who tried it, said it was very tasty, and for inhabitants of regions where it is possible to catch, she is a delicacy. All because of the tender meat with a delicate taste that reveals almost any method of cooking.

Marina does not look like an ordinary fish. Her appearance is almost standard.

It can be fried, jerk, baked, boiled and even salt. Most importantly, before cooking to pre-treatment. It is necessary to carefully clean all parts of the fish that you plan to cook, and be sure to remove all the eggs, leaving not even a slight residue as it is So it is necessary to depart the black film and gills. It is in these parts of fish accumulate almost the whole of the poison.

The Process of cooking this fish is also better to trust someone who is well versed in this. Otherwise, the meal could end very badly.

Generally, among many of those who pose a threat and danger. Just catch and eat all in a row is impossible. As you can see, this applies not only to exotic fish and shellfish, but also those who live next door to us and has no signs, so to speak, exotic. It's just a regular fish, like the others.

we Have , of course, not all fishermen, but sometimes topics come very interesting.

There are such fish are not so rare. Just there are places inhabited by deadly fish. There are inhabited by dangerous. There are, of course, and relatively safe, but fishing and cooking that do not know, still not worth it. It is better to entrust itprofessionals. Even if the fish itself is not poisonous, that it could make the environment. We don't know .

Common fish in the river can be very dangerous.


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