How to remove quarantine in different countries?


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How to remove quarantine in different countries?

Agree, quarantine can't last forever. Only a few months have passed since the Declaration of a pandemic of a new coronavirus, as the world economy has faced unprecedented challenges. So, on may 1, 2020 was released by the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS), on the effect that COVID-19 has had on the world economy. According to experts, the virus could reduce global economic growth by as much as 2% per month, but the full impact of a pandemic will not be known until then, until all consequences are studied. However, some consequences of a pandemic and quarantine can be seen today: as many countries gradually weaken quarantine measures, on the streets, in parks, subways and shopping centers set new, technologically advanced devices.

What's happening in the world?

Before proceeding to the review of a really cool disinfecting devices, let me remind you that the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, causing COVID-19, at the time of this writing, has infected nearly five million people worldwide. At the same time in different countries, the events develop differently. So, as of may 20, Russia became the number infected, ahead of the former «leaders» – Spain, Brazil and the UK.

At the same time, if you look closely at the mortality statistics in other countries, it appears that in Russia a lot fewer deaths than in Germany. The difference in numbers was so significant that many international media have put the data provided by Moscow under doubt, however, the representatives of the Ministry of health assure that the information given in the official statistics is correct. Anyway, about who is right and why we are exactly know, but in the future.

This is interesting:

Station hand wash mounted on the street in the U.S.

Today, while the number of cases COVID-19 in Russia is approaching 300 000, other countries are slowly returning to normal. Well, almost the same as all of us understand that it is unlikely that the world will be exactly . As our country exit from quarantine yet, I think we could use to see how it can change everyday life – what are trips on public transport to go to work, as in the end to go to the shops and so on and so forth.

by the Way, now to buy clothes in malls? Let's say you want to buy jeans, but what if you tried them on people infected COVID-19? Share your thoughts in the comments to this article and with participants

Since the first outbreak of a new coronavirus happened in Wuhan city, China became the first country in the world at the exit of the rigid quarantine. So, at the end of March, the Internet appeared pictures of huge disinfectants gates installed at the entrances to the offices and shopping centers. Below is a selection of photos from different countries and places, where quite interesting shooting quarantine measures. Well, shall we go?

the world after the coronavirus


Furniture gate on the street

don't know about you, but I can't wait when these gates will appear, and

The Company in the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing first established of special and disinfecting the tunnel to spray the employees of the industrial complex disinfectant. A tunnel equipped with infrared detectors that allow the tunnel to determine when the person comes inside. Looks cool the only question is the security.


Office after the pandemic

Working in the office now on

In fact, in almost all countries of the world now is the conversion of offices – at least this applies to those areas that are working during emergency situations. Many offices in Russia have already switched to a new mode of operation – those employees who are unable to work from home work from a separate room, or keep the distance of 1.5 meters. In General, the series about office life now just need to shoot differently- in masks and without the communal dining room.


school after the pandemic

Students in South Korea pass examinations at the football stadium, to avoid the spread of the coronavirus

It Turned out, the approach adopted by South Korea actually works. And despite the fact that the new measures are making school like a prison, in the current circumstances they are justified. At least South Korea and China are now working, and the students take exams in a new environment – in the distance. Well, at least to write off will not be easy.

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How to ride in the Elevator?

Social distance in the Elevator on the way to work after the Sri Lankan government announced that private and state companies will re-open its offices after nearly two-month quarantine.

Let me Remind you that before you leave the house, you should wear gloves – so you will be calmer to press the Elevator button. Moreover, taking the stairs in some cases can be much more useful. Anyway, the need to comply with social distancing in the Elevator will have some time.


How to fly a plane?

more limited pandemic impact on air travel. To fly during a pandemic, as it turned out, it is still fun.

Recently, a journalist , is now similar to international flights. Video and photo journalist, you can see the half-empty airport in Japan, jars for tests, people in protective masks. As noted by Ripley, the plane took off with 109 passengers on Board, is about 1⁄4 load.

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How to ride the subway?

subway ride in Italy today look like

Metro is one of the most dangerous places during a pandemic, of course. To reduce the risk of infection, subways in different countries introduce rules for the use of this mode of transport. The main one is the need to respect social distance. Actually it looks quite good, at least the trains aren't running «jam».

so today dinner is in the Netherlands. Very comfortable!


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