The Viking ship was buried under earth 1 000 years. Now it wants to get.


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The Viking ship was buried under earth 1 000 years. Now it wants to get.

Not every day archaeologists cannot find something really worthwhile under the ground, but this time they are lucky and we are all standing on the threshold of a great historical discovery that will not only understand what happened a thousand years ago in Norway, but may make and related discoveries. All due to the fact that now they found miraculously preserved twenty-meter-long boat. Apparently, it is a tomb of someone of nobility or great warriors of that time. But the interesting thing is that, most likely, in addition to the burial inside are manuscripts, household items and other treasures. And even more interesting is that the place where was discovered the discovery, more than one hundred years people go, even knowing that beneath their feet.

How they buried the Vikings

At One time it was thought that the Vikings were buried, resting in the boat, which was called Drakkar, and was sent to the last voyage. Many people think so still, and no wonder. of the Legend really sounds nice. The Vikings were extremely unusual children, means and rituals, they have to be like everyone else.

Actually, some truth in this. They really were cremated, but it was not always done it on land, and a noble or just rich Vikings really were buried in boats, but they do not run into the water, and arranged them from the tomb on land.

Sometimes, archaeologists stumble upon the tomb of such and make interesting discoveries. However, often, all limited to extracting the contents of a tomb like this. A whole big ship is pulled out of the ground only in 1904, more than a hundred years ago. Now preparing a new archaeological operation.

the Legend is beautiful, but it is only a myth. The Vikings didn't bury them.

Scientists have found the tomb of the Vikings

New burial discovered in Norway. Most interesting is that the discovery is located exactly under agricultural lands. A little away from this place for a grave was discovered, but archaeologists continue to search did not become, as in neighboring fields for several hundred years was carried out agricultural work. Then it was decided that everything has been spoiled, even if under the earth, in principle, was something.

Evidence of extreme climate change

Late one of the farmers turned to the geologists for work on the drainage of lands, but before beginning work, the geologists checked the ground by the GPR. In the end, to say that they were shocked — this is to say nothing. The study they have discovered a 20-metre ship. They even identified that the ship is over 1000 years.

looks like a godsend.

The moment he finds it's been two years, but only now the decision was made and received funding in the amount of fifteen million dollars for the work. They will start this summer and will result in the extraction of the ship from its millennial underground captivity.

Archaeologists found

Most Likely, in addition to the burial, there will be found real archeological treasures like manuscripts, jewelry and household items of that time. Surprising is the fact that the ship still didn't hurt, plowing the land for hundreds of years. Despite the fact that it is just 50 centimeters from the surface of the earth. That is, until he almost reaches for the plough.

the Vikings were tough guys.

How quickly rots the tree

As practice shows, wood in the ground rots is not as hard as it might seem at first glance. For rotting to him . Under the ground there's only one of these components. As a result, wood rot slows down. The fact that scientists have found a boat, means that the wood it is not easy. This is an additional factor of safety for such a long time.

And ensure that our always interesting is the large number of people indifferent to science. If you're among them, come, we are waiting for you.

However, fungi and other do their thing, and scientists say that we shouldn't wait and need to get a boat as quickly as possible while it is still intact. It may seem that it's been there for more than 1000 years and during the year it won't happen (or it is already partially decomposed), but scientists believe otherwise. However, most likely, they just want, as quickly as possible to get the precious historical discovery.

How archaeologists get their findings

As all what are archaeologists, very old and fragile, for its extraction from the earth requires a long preparatory work. Even if the stone finds, with them still need to be careful not to mention the wood and the metal that is subject to natural decomposition.

the Archeologists have to dig with caution.

All work is done very slowly and carefully. When on the surface seem to already own discoveries, they are carefully cleaned with brushes and brushes in order not to break anything.

More Often, especially during major works, otkatyvaetsya additional amount of land around, so scientists had access to discovery from all sides. So they can simultaneously work on several parts of the relic.

In the glaciers of Norway discovered

Later establishes additional elements for extracting a crane. Often all the workaccompanied by the construction of the pavilion over the place of work. This is especially true in the context of the rainy climate. So it is possible to give people comfortable working conditions. An additional advantage is higher speed of work due to the fact that you will not have to interrupted due to bad weather and can work in two shifts. Most likely, this approach will be chosen for fetching the found Viking ship, which has called ”the Ship Ellestad”.

On these boats the Vikings went sailing. These vessels were called Drakkari.


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