An air leak site has been found on the ISS. What's next?


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An air leak site has been found on the ISS. What's next?

Air leak occurs in Russian station module

Inside the International Space Station live astronauts from different countries and all of them need oxygen. The air needed for the life of the crew is produced by special equipment, but the tightness of the station is far from ideal and small air leaks occur there regularly. In September 2019, the station began to lose more air, and at the end of the summer of this year the losses became even greater. The station crew searched the leak site for almost a month and found it only in late September. It turned out that the air flows from the main Russian module "Star"in which our cosmonauts live and conduct scientific research. But why was the leak site so hard to find and what would the station's crew do next?

Search for air leaks

The good news was shared scientifically. At the moment there are three people on the station: Roscosmos cosmonauts Ivan Wagner and Anatoly Ivanishin, as well as American astronaut Chris Cassidy. After the leak intensified in late August, they temporarily settled in the Star module. The leak was not detected in any of the other modules, so the researchers hypothesized that the air was leaking from the segment of the station where the astronauts were hiding. Yes, we are talking about the Star module. There was also speculation that the leak was taking place in the Search segment, which serves as a port for docking spacecraft and a place for crew preparation for spacewalk.

Location of the Star module

Initially, NASA and Roscosmos were hesitant to search for a leak in the Star module. That's because it needs to be blocked before it. But it is directly connected to the Soyuz spacecraft, and in case of an emergency the crew will not be able to return to Earth. The command concluded that the inspection was worth all the risks, only at the end of September. The Star's hatches were blocked and the crew temporarily lived in the American segment of the station. Most likely, our cosmonauts will be there for at least a few days, because the leak was found on the Russian side.

What do astronauts do?

As mentioned above, the Star module is the main one for Russian cosmonauts. In this segment of the station, our researchers sleep, eat, wash and conduct their scientific activities. The leak was detected by a so-called ultrasonic flowing detector, which is able to catch the noise of the air flow, which is not audible to the human ear. There is such a noise inside the Star module, but at the moment no specific leakage site has been found. The search continues and at the moment our cosmonauts really have to come with American colleagues. In their segment there are oxygen generators, a kitchen, a source of drinking water and everything you need for life.

It is always possible to find out who is on the ISS now

The search for the leak came at a busy time for the station. In the first week of October, the Northrop Grumman spacecraft with experimental toilet features will be sent to the ISS. And on October 14, the next crew consisting of Russian cosmonauts Sergey Ryzhikov and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov, as well as NASA astronaut Kate Rubins are scheduled to launch. A second guided flight from the Crew Dragon spacecraft with three American astronauts and one explorer from Japan is scheduled for the end of October.

Crew Dragon's next flight will take place on October 31

It is reported that the leak inside the Star module is not dangerous, but the hole still needs to be found and closed. It is not yet known how long it will take. This is not the first such case in the Russian segment of the ISS. In 2018, the leak was discovered inside the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft. It is believed that the hole was made by a man, but Roscosmos still does not want to share details. A year ago, the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin confirmed that they have already finished the investigation, but they are not going to announce the results.

Perhaps, to close the hole in the Module "Star", crew members will have to go into space. Last time it was just necessary and in detail about this event wrote my colleague Nikolai Khizniak. You can read the details.


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