What is solar minimum and why it is not necessary to be afraid of him?


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What is solar minimum and why it is not necessary to be afraid of him?

According to the researchers , we live in a time «big solar at least». The last time this solar cycle was observed between 1650 and 1715, during the so-called little ice age in the Northern hemisphere of the Earth, when a combination of cooling volcanic aerosols and low solar activity led to decrease the temperature on the surface of the Earth. Scientists that a large solar minimum will not cause a new ice age, which is likely directly related to climate change. Let me remind you that the Sun is one of the main mysteries for scientists, but data from recent observations altogether indicate that our star is fading. Tell what happens to the Sun what is solar minimum and why is climate change.

solar low is a period of low solar activity in an 11-year cycle of the Sun. During solar minimum activity flares and sunspots on the Sun is reduced, it is often a manifestation of the activity are not observed for several days.

Life cycle of the Sun

Let's Start with the fact that the Sun is the Central body of the Solar system – is a hot ball of gas. According to the mass of the Sun is 750 times larger than all other bodies of the Solar system and the star light reaches our planet in 8 minutes. So every time we look at the Sun, we see it as it was 8 minutes ago, right the time machine! In addition, the telescope cannot see the surface of distant stars, so the study of the Sun is both a study of stars in the Universe.

Moreover, the Sun is a constant force, that its gravity retains near all bodies of the Solar system. Because of the Sun's planets are held in orbit that provides the Earth the necessary amount of light and heat. Of course, we are accustomed to the fact that the Sun rises and sets every day, but the star is very dynamic. As all known human life forms, the stars pass through different stages and changes. That's just over time these changes in the Sun are more predictable. So, according to the latest observations of astronomers, right now the Sun is going through a less active phase and the solar minimum.

every Second, our native star is overcoming more than 200 km in orbit around the center of the milky Way, the Sun is the center of the Galaxy separates the abyss of 25,000 light years. From the outskirts of the galaxy our Sun separates the same distance.

In fact, the Sun is not so well understood, as we think

What is a solar minimum?

It is believed that the Sun is going through a regular 11-year intervals (the solar cycle), including energy peaks of activity followed by a decrease and then again an increase and again decrease, etc. During the peak of the Sun, there are more sunspots and solar flares, as already reported by scientists. But in the phase of the solar minimum activity of the Sun is much smaller, and spots and flares on the star are almost there. Let me remind you that in the photosphere of the Sun sun spots appear as dark areas that look more cold and strongly magnetized.

But even when star quiet during solar minimum, its activity may manifest differently. We are talking about coronal holes, which emit a glowing streams of charged particles flying through the Solar system with the solar wind. Like solar flares, these particles flows during the solar minimum can disrupt communication and GPS.

We observed coronal holes throughout the solar cycle, but during solar minimum, they can last longer — six months or more.

Dean Pesnell, project, solar dynamics Observatory in space flight Center NASA Goddard.

solar maximum and minimum in the presentation of NASA

According to the official , the Sun goes through regular cycles of high and low activity. This cycle affects the frequency of space weather events, but has no significant effect on the Earth's climate — even advanced at least will not have a significant impact on global temperature of the planet.

see also:

the solar minimum and climate change

According to researchers at NASA, even if the solar minimum has lasted a century, global temperature on the Earth would continue to rise. The fact that the global temperature on the Earth change not only due to variations in solar activity, but also due to the fact that the most dominant factor today is warming due to anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. So the temperature drops, alas, to be expected.

In our region, space weather, the Sun has a huge impact.

This solar minimum special?

The Maunder Minimum — a period of long term reduction in the number of sunspots from about 1645 to 1715.
Historically, the assumption that prolonged solar minimum contributed to the little ice age was considered correct. But some scientists believe that temperatures drop, more likely, was due to volcanic activity and not solar minimum. Overall temperature, as experts believe, dropped by only 1 degree during this mini — «ice age».

Even more interesting articles about our galaxy,Solar system and the Universe read on . There regularly are articles that are not on the website.

the study of the Sun

Recall that in August 2018, NASA launched the Solar probe is Parker, which should come closer to the Sun than any craft before it. This is a unique opportunity to study. The probe was designed to help answer fundamental questions about the solar wind, which comes from the Sun, scattering of energetic particles throughout the Solar system. The instrument probe can also give an idea of why the solar corona, the outer atmosphere of a star, much hotter than the rest of the surface. Read more in .

On the image on the right are sunspots, but the image on the left does not. The reason for the disappearance of sunspots, the solar minimum


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