The astronauts had a tour of the ship's Crew Dragon and told him about the plush dinosaur


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The astronauts had a tour of the ship's Crew Dragon and told him about the plush dinosaur

May 30, 2020, a historic event occurred — the company SpaceX has successfully launched a spacecraft Crew Dragon with people on Board. To run used booster , and inside the capsule were astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley. The first stage of the rocket Falcon 9 successfully landed on the floating platform and, after checking on availability, will be ready for reuse. A few hours after launch, the astronauts launched a live broadcast and gave viewers a small tour Crew Dragon. They gave the ship its name, showed the controls and told about the toy in the form of a dinosaur, which started to fly in front of the mission a few minutes after startup.

spaceship SpaceX

Astronauts have long kept the name of the ship in secret, so before we start, it was known as Capsule 206. During the broadcast, the pilot announced that the ship was given the name Endeavour. In English this word can be translated as "effort" or "striving". Thus, the astronauts stressed that the launch of the Crew Dragon is the result of the efforts of SpaceX, NASA and the United States as a whole. Also in this title is nostalgia, because Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley made his first flights in the early 2000-ies on the Shuttle Endeavour.

space Shuttle Endeavour (endeavour) was named in honor of one of the ships of the English sailor James cook. It was used for astronomical observations, during which it was possible to know the exact distance from the earth to the Sun

The astronauts inside spacecraft Crew Dragon is quite a lot of experience in space missions. Initially, Bob Behnken was a test pilot, but in 2000, he was accepted into NASA. In all his career he took part in two space missions and spent a total of in the open space 37 hours. In the framework of the current mission he is responsible for the docking and undocking of the spacecraft from the International space station.

photo — astronaut Bob Behnken, he is now 49 years, but on July 28, will be 50.

Doug Hurley a little less experience, but it is also done in the framework of two space missions he undertook on the International space station for 28 days. He was also a test pilot and in 2000 was accepted to NASA. In the framework of the current mission he was responsible for the launch and landing Crew Dragon.

As in this photo — astronaut Doug Hurley, who is now 53 years old

spaceship inside

His short tour of Crew Dragon, the astronauts began with a demonstration of the control panel. In 1967, the spacecraft "Apollo-4" coped with hundreds of buttons and switches, and in the beginning 2000-ies in the ships Space Shuttle appeared displays. Inside the modern Crew Dragon is all done through a touchscreen display.

Comparison of control panels of different space ships.

Typically, the docking with the ISS is automatic, but if necessary, the astronauts can take it over. On the video you can even see the UI with touch buttons that allow you to manually level the vehicle relative to the space station, to successfully docking. For the attentive readers of our site this screen can be very familiar because we recently wrote about the simulator Crew Dragon docks with the ISS, which is possible .

have you already tried to join Crew Dragon with the space station? Share your results

Also, the astronauts have shown that is for touch screens. There is a small Playground with portholes through which you can look at the open space. The astronauts tried to show what was happening outside the ship, but anything sensible from this failed — we saw only a reflection of Bob and Doug, who conducted the tour, take turns holding the camera.

Dinosaur inside Crew Dragon

In preparation for launch in the third chair next to the astronauts, was seen a soft toy in the form of a dinosaur. We already know that it — TY Flippables Tremor Dinosaur that can . It's not exactly, but soon this plush lizard will certainly be available for purchase, because many people will want to buy a "one of the first dinosaurs in space".

Why "one of the first"? But because one plush dinosaur were already on the ISS. Made it astronaut Karen Nyberg (wife of Doug Hurley) for his son, when he was at the station

The Toy was taken on Board not for fun — it is an indicator of weightlessness. When the dinosaur began to fly before the eyes of the astronauts, they learned about the reduced gravity. This is not the first time inside the spacecraft Crew Dragon was a toy. In March 2019, the ship flew to the International space station without people on Board — there was only .

Plush dinosaur inside Crew Dragon

Plush planet remained at the station. Last year, astronaut Bob Behnken even joked that their arrival toy can become a full member of the ISS and describe the current situation on Board.

Toy in the form of the Earth inside the Dragon Crew in 2019

At the time of this writing, the spacecraft Crew Dragon to the International space station and soon guests will be greeted by astronauts Chris Cassidy, Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner. Among the greeters, of course, will and Teddy Land.

still from the live broadcast crew Crew Dragon


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