Found the cause of the mysterious crater in Siberia


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Found the cause of the mysterious crater in Siberia

No, this is not the machinations of the aliens. It's much worse

Almost three years ago on the Yamal Peninsula in Russia in the valley of the river Erkut was discovered a crater with a diameter of 17.5 meters. The discovery attracted the attention of scientists from around the world. Along with the scientific explanation of the phenomenon appeared in the press and fantastic hypotheses, for example, related to the activities of aliens. For a long time scientists have studied the place of formation of the crater, and soon rejected the most incredible theories, including about the alien ship or the unknown meteorite. The reasons for the formation of the mysterious crater was quite a natural. But that does not help.

Researcher Evgeny Chuvilin and other members of Center for hydrocarbon production Skoltech conducted a field study of the crater and came to the conclusion that it was formed as a result of explosion of gas released by the melting permafrost.

Why formed craters

Methane, perhaps mixed with carbon dioxide, is under permafrost. Under climate warming, the permafrost begins to melt from the bottom, allowing gas to rise higher. In the end, under the pressure of the gas on the surface of the earth appears a hill, which then erupts with the formation of the crater, — scientists say.

the Crater, in the valley of the river Ercot

How did the gas explode? Due to the increase in the average temperature the pressure in the area of the breed among non-freezing permafrost (a talik) has increased dramatically, and the "lid" of permafrost that has started to deform. This led to the fact that the more severe the soil down below, the water was in the middle, and gas (methane) rushed up. In the end, the soil had settled, which caused the formation of the funnel, like the crater from a meteorite.

According to one version of scientists talik was already saturated with methane initially. However, clearly it can not be argued. Perhaps the methane got there later because of chemical processes in permafrost. Or talik enriched methane by raising the gas from the deeper layers.

Schematic representation of the process of gas release from the permafrost.

What are the dangers of melting permafrost

If you generalize all of these reasons, the main problem is still one — global warming. Because of his many years of permafrost, causing it gradually begins to fade. When permafrost, which keeps the soil disappears, the hillsides are destroyed because of what suddenly be a huge failure. In the past it was thought that the permafrost is melting just a few inches over decades. The rapid melting of permafrost is not only causing huge carbon emissions into the Earth's atmosphere, but also the destruction of the landscape. According to researchers, the amount of carbon which is released from a small number of holes in the landscape is large enough to double the amount of harmful emissions, thereby exacerbating the negative effect of climate change.

Many of the lakes in the past could be such craters

All of the ecosystem may turn into one big mess. To prevent that only by reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere, which will help to avoid raising the temperature. However, while these are not as serious as we would like, and now the issue of melting permafrost is only a matter of time. We are waiting for a disaster?

In fact, this process began not 3, and not 5 years ago — in July 2014, the herders found an 80-foot crater on the Yamal Peninsula. In the same month, were discovered two craters, one of which is located in the Tazovsky district and the other on the Taimyr Peninsula. One of the craters in the diameter reached 70 meters! Currently, as shown by satellite photos, two of discovered in 2014, the crater turned into a lake.

One of the craters discovered in Siberia in 2014

Such phenomena can not only threaten the landscape and climate, but also to the local population. Many of the villages located in the vicinity of permafrost. And thrown out of the soil, the methane could ignite. In 2014, for the early detection of craters of the residents of nearby settlements saw a bright flash which could accompany the formation of the crater. As the gas could ignite, scientists do not yet know. Can you have a guess? Share .


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