The crashed lunar Rover Chandrayaan-2 was found. Will he be able to work?


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The crashed lunar Rover Chandrayaan-2 was found. Will he be able to work?

Hindu lunar module Chandrayaan-2 could be saved.

A Couple of days ago that the Indian mission Chandrayaan-2, the purpose of which was soft landing on the moon to further study the properties of lunar soil, have failed. Today appeared information about the fact, what not all so is bad, and India has the chance now to join Russia (USSR), the US and China in the list of countries that have been able to put their devices on the surface of our satellite. Let's look at why it happened, who is to blame, what to do and will the machine continue to work.

I recall the mission control center in India and the descent of the platform during landing, when the surface was about a kilometer. In this case, the Orbiter, which is also part of the mission, remained in orbit and continues to operate normally. It was able to detect lost devices. In an interview with India Today TV said the Chairman of ISRO Karasavidis Sivan.

Orbital part of «Chandrayaan-2» has sent a thermal image the lander on the ground. The experts understand the situation and promise to soon announce all the details.

Will it work Indian lunar Rover

What is the Orbiter, a part of a mission “Chandrayaan-2”, was able to detect the equipment with which communication was lost, gives hope that this equipment can still be saved and the Rover will be able to continue working. It is unlikely that he is really «come alive» but hope, as we know, dies last. Specialists are now actively engaged on this issue.

Find the device on the lunar surface — it's only part of the story. The main thing is to get it to work.

Even if the hardware is working, it will remain only a few days for normal operation, since then the relationship with him will be lost because of the position of the moon relative to the Earth. Estimated time of work initially was for one lunar day (approximately 14 earth days) — it was inherent in the program mission. If the Rover will be able to revive, it will be possible to deduct a soft landing, and make India the fourth country in the elite club of countries that made a soft landing on the moon. For India it will be a real victory.

«We came very close, but we need more to work with. Our desire to touch the moon became even stronger.» — Narendra modi, Prime Minister of India on the crash of the lander 07.09.2019.

History Indian space

Just history was made 38 attempts to land a spacecraft on the surface of the moon. Only about half of them successful. In April to land a spacecraft on the lunar surface . In spite of this, . If all ended well, Israel would become the fourth country that was able to do it. India was hoping to take this place in case of a successful landing “Chandrayaan-2″.

Indian society is going through hard times and the success of Chandrayaan-2 could inspire people.

Despite the crash, which seemed obvious after a failed landing, some experts continued to consider the mission a success. For example, Pallava Bagla, scientific editor of the news channel NDTV, said that the mission cannot be considered a failure, as the Orbiter "Chandrayaan-2" remained in orbit and continued to work. According to him, 50 percent of the mission accomplished.

At the same time, experts knew and warned that the landing of the lunar module, named after the first head of the space Agency of the country, “Vikram” will be a very difficult task.

«Proper soft landing — is the most important part of the mission — said Patrick Das Gupta, Professor, Department of physics and astrophysics, University of Delhi. — the Descent from the height of 21 miles to the zero height is the most difficult part of the job»

The First Indian lunar mission "Chandrayaan-1", launched in 2008, proved that the surface of the moon can be water molecules. The current mission was to find this water and to study the thermal properties of lunar soil, taking his samples.

So launch a space mission. Beauty!

Attempt to land a spacecraft on the moon are being made not only India. Other countries also want to gain a foothold on the bridgehead. Among them can lead the US, but don't throw attempts . On behalf of Donald trump, NASA must do so no later than 2024, that looks very questionable on the background of high costs and complexity of the mission.

Here, by the way, it is possible to note the very good economic efficiency of the Indian space programme. The cost of the mission “Chandrayaan-2” amounted to only 141 million dollars. It is very small for such a large project. Now let's discuss whether this is so.

the purpose of the mission “Chandrayaan-2″

The Orbiter mission “Chandrayaan-2″ had to perform eight scientific experiments to measure and create maps of the lunar surface and study its outer atmosphere.

In the case: what is it For?

The Mission became a source of great national pride. Social media is very vocal in support of the space Agency and its scientists. Even failure did not prevent them to support the Agency.

In addition to successes in space, which is undoubtedly important for the Indian and global science, a good fit would be able to remove some tension in the society. The fact that India begins to growdissatisfaction with modi's government, faced with increasingly gloomy economic scenarios. Especially the situation is blown due to low GDP and high unemployment.


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