What can it tell us about dark matter collision of galaxies?


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What can it tell us about dark matter collision of galaxies?

looks like a collision of three galaxies

In an infinitely expanding lives of untold number of galaxies. Woven of dust and gas, and filled with celestial bodies, these amazing space travelers face each other. This is due to the gravitational attraction. Inch by inch, light year after light year, the course of the cosmic clock brings is inevitable. Massive structures, each containing hundreds of billions of stars are mixed and ignited. And our galaxy is no exception. Recently astronomers have discovered Antlia 2 — low-density foamed, but a massive galaxy that is like a Ghost revolves around . Scientists believe that Antliya 2 can help in unraveling the mysteries of dark matter.

How and why the face of the galaxy?

In space, everyone manages gravity. This is the General Director and the head of each galaxy. The fact that the galaxies — this cluster of stars, star systems, of clumps of dark matter, clouds of gas and dust linked by gravitational attraction. Recently we wrote about the fact that scientists are closer to understanding — most likely it is the hydrogen that enters the galaxy and leaving them through supernova explosions. And again — no gravity anywhere.

However, whatever filled the vast space between galaxies, the force of gravity somehow makes it less, since the galaxies are attracted to each other. Our home, the milky Way galaxy in a few billion years will inevitably collide with the Andromeda galaxy. Their collision will produce a new galaxy. It is possible that there will be born, Let's discuss it in

photo effects of two galaxies colliding

Look Closely at this picture before you the consequences of a collision of two galaxies. The result of this astounding spectacle will be a new galaxy in the shape of a ring, which after billions of years, again inevitably collide with its nearest galactic neighbor. As they say, nothing lasts forever.

the Ghost of the milky Way

In November last year astronomers announced the discovery of Antley 2 — galaxy orbiting the milky Way. The fact that the Ground to get an idea of the dimensions of our space at home is quite difficult. We know that our galaxy — it is a flat disk with a bulging center. And if you look from the top, we see spiral arms of gas and stars. We will also see the ruffle around the galactic disk. It is the ripples in the outer disk of the milky Way has puzzled scientists for decades. Thus, the opening of Antley 2 might help to put everything in its place.

In the study, astronomers used data from the European space Agency. Scientists have found out last the flight path of Antley 2 and found that it had probably collided with the Milky way hundreds of millions of years ago. That is what got the weather that we still see today.

the image shows Antli 2 galaxy near the Milky Way. A little further on the right is the Large Magellanic Cloud

Previously, scientists believed that the ripples appeared due to a collision with the dwarf galaxy Sagittarius. However, a computer simulation confirmed the results obtained — our galaxy is still a bit shaken due to the collision with Antlia 2.

opening Antley 2 speaks of dark matter

The authors of the study believe that the discovery of Antley 2 in the future will help to unravel the mysteries of dark matter. Recall that the standard model of physics describes only 5% of matter that exists in the Universe. But the remaining 95% consists of hypothetical dark matter — a substance of unknown nature, which is impossible to detect.

According to the lead author of the study, Sucany Chakrabarti Antliya 2 — a very strange and interesting object, because all properties of this galaxy are still unknown. It is believed that in the process of formation of galaxies giant clumps of dark matter formed in the substance that fuels the birth of stars. Experts believe that the galaxy Ghost Antliya 2 could be born from another type of dark matter — faster and more air. However, we should not forget that no one knows the nature of dark matter particles.

Density and mass of Antlia 2 unlimited — this galaxy is close to the disk of the milky Way. According to the authors this means that eventually, scientists will be able to use Antley 2 as a unique laboratory for studying the nature of dark matter. But first have to learn more about this unusual galaxy.


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