The Americans on the moon: what everyone should know?


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The Americans on the moon: what everyone should know?

The Upcoming cosmonautics day is my favorite holiday. It marks the triumph of the human mind: in just four thousand years Homo Sapiens went from hunter-gatherers to space explorers. 12 April 1961 Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space. But only eight years later – on July 16 1969 American astronauts landed on the moon. A phrase said Neil Armstrong first stepped on the surface of the satellite, is still a matter of awe. However, after 51 years a huge number of people around the world questioned the fact that the flight NASA astronauts to the moon. None of them somehow do not doubt that the ship Vostok-1 with Yuri Gagarin on Board was really in space. Tell what you need to know about the development of the satellite, in order not to fall victim of the lunar conspiracy theory.

the Era of space exploration

Despite all the hardships of the twentieth century, starting from 1950-ies the humanity has started the development of the cosmic ocean. Not surprisingly, we started with the moon closest to Earth celestial body. The first research vehicles went to the moon in 1950-ies. But aerospace technology developed so rapidly that a little more than 10 years in space flew the first spaceship, and then the first man stepped on the moon.

But before you leave footprints on the lunar surface, we have come a long way – we didn't want to go to the moon, knowing nothing about the. So the first visitors of the satellite was robots. Thus, the first robotic device, successfully landed on the moon was the Soviet apparatus of Luna-2. Third lunar expedition, subsequently captured the first, blurry . Two years later, nine NASA spacecraft Ranger, launched between 1961 and 1965, gave scientists the first opportunity to look closely the surface of the moon. And two years later, Ranger 7, he rushed towards the moon and made more than 4,000 images in 15 minutes right before crashed on the surface. The resulting images all missions «Ranger» allowed us to see the uneven terrain of the moon, as well as to resolve potential difficulties in finding a landing site.

the arms Race during the Cold war made space travel a reality

In 1966 and 1967, NASA launched five lunar orbital missions, which were designed to fly around the moon and mapping its surface in preparation for subsequent wisdom with the crew. These are the orbiters have photographed about 99% of the surface of the moon. Thus, these robotic probes without crew paved the way for a giant leap forward in space exploration.

Americans on the moon: timeline of events

In 1961, President John Kennedy instructed the United States to send the first man on the moon before the end of the decade. The program «Apollo» was developed in order to safely send people to the moon and back. In General, prior to the completion of the project «Apollo» in 1972, on the moon visited six expeditions and a dozen men. The first people who reached the Moon's surface Neil Armstrong and Edwin buzz Aldrin, when lunar the lander «Apollo 11» Eagle landed in the Sea of Tranquility.

It was then that the world heard the famous words of Armstrong: «One small step for man, one giant for mankind».

Each next mission after «Apollo 11» has set a new milestone in space travel and lunar exploration. Just four months after the landing of the first man on the moon in space started «Apollo 12». The aim of the expedition was to further the study of the surface of the satellite. And here «Apollo 13» barely escaped disaster when, in April 1970 exploded oxygen tanks. The crew was forced to abort a planned landing on the moon. Fortunately, all survived.

American astronauts preparing for flight on the moon

The Third landing on the moon took place in January 1971 along with «Apollo-14». Commander Alan Shepard set a new record on the farthest distance travelled on the moon: 2,700 kilometers. during the mission “Apollo 15” was launched in July 1971, it was collected a number of lunar samples. «Apollo 16» and «Apollo 17» in 1972 became the last two flights of the crew to the moon, a Russian spacecraft «Luna-24» in 1976 became the last armored machine, until the beginning of the next century. Samples collected during the lunar expeditions, gave us a huge amount of knowledge about Geology and the formation of the satellite of our planet. However, after the 1960s and 1970s years, the basic space program for decades turned their attention to other areas.

Why moon conspiracy is a myth?

We and highly recommend you to read ourthe materials on the causes and . It is important to understand that the theory of lunar conspiracy is a little different from theories about the reptilians, flat Earth, and the secret government. So, supporters of the lunar conspiracy are convinced that in the 1960-ies the American space Agency, in conjunction with Hollywood faked the moon landing, removing all of the expedition “Apollo” on the camera. According to the conspirators, this was done in order to win the space race. The cause of this conspiracy theory was the fact that during all the missions “Apollo” landed on the moon only American astronauts. Oil to the fire added the distrust of science, which is a serious problem worldwide.

As the main argument supporters of the lunar conspiracy will result in the following:

Sky without stars

Dark sky in the images of man's landing on the moon has led many to doubt one of the greatest achievements of our species

In fact, the lack of stars in photographs of the expedition “Apollo-11” due to the fast shutter speed (during shooting). The fact that brightness and detail of the picture depends on the amount of light, which is caught on tape. If not, the photo will turn dark; if too much is overexposed.

Ripples on the US flag

How can move the flag if on the moon there is no wind?

The Reason the flag set buzz Aldrin as if evolving, although the moon has no atmosphere is that of a horizontal rod holds the upper edge of the cloth – otherwise it would be hanging off instantly. with In fact the flag is not swaying. It's collapsible flag and after landing a sliding mechanism stuck a little, and stretch the cloth completely failed. That's why the fabric doesn't look stretched. However, even though there is no air on the moon, every touch of the astronauts to the flag led flag to move. This was due to the metal poles attached to the fabric – waves from touching the rod is transferred to the cloth, and made him hesitate.

Lunar soil is not a real

such was the opening of the capsule, where 47 was kept lunar soil

Reason to doubt the authenticity of the lunar soil among the supporters of the lunar conspiracy appeared due to the fact that in the Antarctic can sometimes be found a small stone fragments ejected from the lunar surface with powerful blows of asteroids and spacecraft ever to visit the Earth. However, such debris is extremely small. the And the astronauts of the mission «Apollo» brought back to Earth 382 kg of samples of lunar rocks. Agree to find the number of fragments in the Antarctic is hardly possible.

lunar curiosity again builds

Because Of its excessive cost, the return to the moon was not in the foreground space programs in recent decades. The good news is that interest in space travel – including back at the front. So, governments around the world are actively joining the new space race and we look forward to watching the results. I think that the pandemic is a new coronavirus after all is over, the interest of the whole world to the exploration of space will continue to grow. of the day of cosmonautics friends! Be healthy!

Desire to know the Universe – that's what makes us special


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