Indian moon Rover Chandrayaan-2 crashed while landing


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Indian moon Rover Chandrayaan-2 crashed while landing

"Chandrayaan-2" was supposed to gently land on the surface of the moon.

The Desire to conquer space is commendable in respect of any country. Only making big steps forward will be able to conquer this bottomless element and, making his way through the thorns to get to new worlds. Many of them have the potential to become our new home. So far, however, we make only first steps in this direction. To join the list of pioneers decided to India and tried to land on the moon in the apparatus, ”Chandrayaan-2”. What happened, will cover in this article.

Loss of communication with the device ”Chandrayaan-2”

The Indian mission to the moon . ”Chandrayaan-2” is the first attempt of India to send your camera to the moon. The mission has three spacecraft: the landing platform, ”Vikram”, Rover ”Pagan” and the Orbiter separated from the lander on 2 September. It remained in orbit with the following parameters 125 to 96 kilometers.

missions to the moon has always been something special

Landing took 15 minutes. She answered 8 engines for orientation and 5 main engines. As usual, the landing took place in several stages, but at some point it was lost. It happened at an altitude of about one kilometer when driving at a speed of about 60 m/s. began at the height of 2.1 kilometers, when the unit began to deviate from the path of descent.


Immediately before the loss of communication for Amateur astronomers who have been monitoring the landing and telemetry, noted a sharp change in the signal. What can be the reason, it is difficult to say, but the data recorded and now they have to deal.

Stream flight of mission:

the purpose of the mission ”Chandrayaan-2”

The Equipment, which was part of his mission was part of the scientific programme. It included tools for seismic activity of the lunar surface and lunar soil. In particular, it was planned to study the thermal conductivity of the lunar soil and its other thermal properties. Full list of equipment that may have been lost, you can look at the ISRO website.

Hardware mission ”Chandrayaan-2”

The Spacecraft mission was designed to work for about 14 earth days (one lunar day). After this time, machines would be in shadow, which would lead to a critical decrease in temperature to about minus 180 degrees Celsius.

History missions to the moon

If the landing is successful, India would become the fourth country that was able to carry out a soft landing on the surface of our satellite.

it looked like the Soviet station «Luna-9»

First on the list was the Soviet Union in February 1966. The station, which was able to land, was ”Luna-9”. She, too, had problems, but because of luck and the right work experts managed to do so, they will not prevent to achieve the desired result. I should add that before a successful landing was made more than a dozen unsuccessful. Some stations were not even displayed in the open space. Due to the low reliability of the media of the time, they remained in earth orbit.


After 3.5 months after planting ”Luna-9” on the surface of the satellite village station ”Surveyor 1” is sent to the United States. The third member of this elite club was China, which succeeded only in half a century. Planting occurred in late 2013 in the framework of the mission ”Change-3”.

All the chances for fourth place in the race of the moon landings was of Israel, but in April of this year . Point in it put the crash probe, ”in the beginning”. Although, my mark in history, he still left. Perhaps it will even help in future discoveries.

is There life in space?

We that on Board the spacecraft was a container of animalcules, which , until the supernova explosion and the travel through space.

Tihohodka — marcovina creature with fantastic features

Scientists believe that the container with the animals should not have to suffer during the strike. Even if it was destroyed, the insect was still in the resin, which was supposed to protect them. Theoretically, in future missions it will be possible to locate the container and return the animals to Earth to study their survivability. After all, the chances that they survived in space is very high, and the study of this fact will make many important discoveries.


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