Apparatus for noncontact laser ultrasound for the first time tested on humans


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Apparatus for noncontact laser ultrasound for the first time tested on humans

Here's a beam is able to do no worse than contact ultrasound device

Probably each of us at least once in life and know what it looks like setting to conduct this survey. Even the smallest machines, referred to as "portable" are of roughly the same size as CRT monitors from the mid-90s. And while it's not the most accurate method of examination bodies, it is still one of the most popular, largely because of its cost compared with MRI. Scientists are constantly developing in this direction, and were even able to experience the innovative device for ultrasound in humans.

Why do ultrasound

Basically, ultrasound is used to create "snapshots" of internal organs. Traditional ultrasound machines use devices with crystals of quartz, through which an electric current causes them to vibrate and emit ultrasonic waves passing through human tissue. Reflected differently by different organs, waves returns that is captured by the sensor. Change is converted into an electrical impulse and is projected on the screen in the form familiar to us image.

At the same time, ultrasound has a big problem with accuracy. The latter, in particular, depends on the force with which the doctor presses the device to the patient's body. Therefore, those who find a good specialist ultrasound, just go to him — there are very strongly expressed the human factor.

by the Way, in 2018 has been developed and the most portable .

What is contactless ultrasound

Yes, to do an ultrasound, it is not necessary to apply a special liquid (well, almost) and feel like the doctor drives a sensor on a particular area of the body. Noncontact ultrasound operates in accordance with the photoacoustic technique: in this case, the skin surface is illuminated by a laser beam, which excites the vibrations in the tissues. However, the receiver of the beam (piezoelectric transducer) is still fixed on the skin. Therefore, the scientists of the ultrasound examination.

For its development, researchers from mit have used a model in which the laser is not only a causative agent of oscillations in human tissues, but also the receiver feedback signal. As the source was used a laser that emits light with a wavelength of 1540 nanometers. The receiver was made by a laser vibrometer with a wavelength of 1550 nanometers.

The Essence of the method is that when the laser beam hits the skin, it periodically heats it, causing expansion. From the ultrasonic vibrations, which propagate into the tissue to subsequently received picture displayed on the monitor of the doctor.

If you look closely, you can see the bone

The Tests were performed with four volunteers on the forearm which was projected laser beams. At the end of the study, the researchers obtained images of the forearm, which show not only the skin and muscles and bone. The results were compared with those obtained using the classical method an ultrasound to verify the veracity of the testimony.

the Most accurate ultrasound

Researchers believe they have developed a method ultrasound is one of the most accurate, since in this case, the light almost does not penetrate deep into tissue. Due to this, the beam is concentrated on the surface of the skin, which allows to increase the amplitude of the ultrasound entering the body.

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The First user device, of course, will be the doctors and health workers with the necessary skills in the use of ultrasound. When the similar equipment will appear in Russia, it is unclear — although human trials were successful, are required to certify the design to conform to international standards of healthcare.


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