The coronavirus has mutated into 30 new strains


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The coronavirus has mutated into 30 new strains

While coronavirus Apocalypse slowly but inevitably becomes routine, the virus SARS-CoV-2 continues to evolve. And, unfortunately, he was good at it. Writes , with reference to the South China Morning Post reports that new studies show that the virus SARS-CoV-2, causing CоVID-19 was able to transform into more than 30 separate strains. The results obtained hypothetically explain why some cases CоVID-19 are much harder than others. A large number of mutations in hundreds of times increases the viral load, which leads to more spread of virus particles. If you simplify the results obtained, the coronavirus is becoming more advance, and the disease may be heavier.

Alarming news

On April 12, a study was published, the author of which is one of the most prolific virologists of China Li LANGSUAN from Zhejiang University and his colleagues. «Sars-CoV-2 acquired mutations can significantly change the pathogenicity,» writes Lee.

At the time of this writing the work has not passed peer review and was not published in a scientific journal (this is standard procedure for all scientific research). Let me remind you that CoVID-19 attacks the respiratory system, affecting the lungs and causing SARS. Read more about what makes the coronavirus to the human organism, read the material .

Mutation can explain why in different cities and countries, the disease is different

In the study, scientists have identified different strains in the laboratory have measured how quickly and efficiently they can infect and destroy the host cells. It turned out that different strains can generate quite different levels of viral load – this means that if one strain generates 270 times greater viral load less than powerful strain, the infected person produces 270 times more infectious viral particles.

To This, according to scientists, makes the new strains are much more dangerous.

The Presence of such mutations make it much harder to fight infections and makes them easy to distribute. It is possible that this may explain why some people suffer the disease, while others do not manifest any symptoms. The results indicate that health workers greatly underestimate the overall ability of the virus to mutations. So, Lee and his team found that different strains are striking in different parts of the world. This means that the vaccine against the coronavirus that would work for everyone, it is almost impossible to invent. «Development of medicines and vaccines, while urgent, should consider the impact of these accumulated mutations to avoid potential pitfalls», — the study authors write.

In the course of work, researchers analyzed strains of 11 randomly selected patients with the coronavirus from the Chinese province of Hangzhou, where there were more than 1264 cases. The researchers then tested how effective these strains can infect and kill cells. The sample of the 11 people infected with CоVID-19, showed more than 30 different mutations, 19 of which were not previously detected. According to the authors, they obtained evidence that the SARS SARS-CoV-2 acquired mutations can significantly change its pathogenicity.

of a vaccine can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months

Good news

Scientists have searched for a direct link between the mutation and viral pathogenicity. All because this could be a stepping stone to the invention of drugs. The fact that they were able to identify functional characteristics of the 11 viral particles, each of which has at least one mutation. Testing the samples from the 11 infected patients, scientists learn more about the virus and about our ability to find a cure – because today the search for a cure, and vaccines are the ultimate goal for scientists around the world.

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The Main point I want to convey my work to the researchers, is not just to get a deeper understanding for the invention of the vaccine, but also in the fact that health professionals adequately assess the strength of the virus. At the time of this writing, the coronavirus infected more than two million people worldwide, and the number of deaths exceeded 186 thousand. Read more about how to distinguish coronavirus colds and flu and what to do to not get sick, read our material . Be well.

Scientists believe that the key to finding vaccines and drugs from CoVID-19 hidden in the mutations of the virus.


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