Can a transfusion of blood plasma to cure the coronavirus?


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Can a transfusion of blood plasma to cure the coronavirus?

Typically, vaccination involves the introduction into the organism of the weakened or killed microorganisms (viruses) designed to create a strong immunity to possible future infectious diseases — that is, for selection of antibodies. But what if the virus has not developed the vaccine? Yes, we are talking about the coronavirus. In this case, scientists have developed this method of treatment, as a transfusion of blood plasma. For this purpose the plasma obtained from those people who are already infected with a coronavirus, and then transfused patients to develop antibodies against the infection. How it works and why blood plasma has such miraculous properties?

What is the human blood plasma

Plasma — is the liquid part of blood, it is 90% consists of water, protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and clotting substances. Scientifically speaking, plasma is the liquid intercellular substance of a tissue of blood. To get it, medical workers use special equipment that separates the plasma from other blood particles, including red blood cells. Therefore, the plasma is not red like blood and has a yellowish tint.

Separated from red blood cells plasma is used for transfusion, and the red cells returned to the donor. This process is called plasmapheresis.

blood Plasma (yellow) separated from red blood cells and other particles (red). Yellow transfused to the patient, the red part is returned to the donor.

does the plasma in the treatment of coronavirus

the Plasma is used to treat many viruses, including coronavirus

Let's Say the man contracted the coronavirus, and his immune system was so strong that he was able to overcome the infection (not without the help of drugs). To defeat the virus managed due to the fact that the immune system identified a set of antibodies SPECIFICALLY against this infection. Antibodies already know what to do with a virus of this type, and (if it is) people are able to overcome the coronavirus faster.

To help other people with less strong immune system, the person who had coronavirus, take the plasma of the blood and put it in a sick person. In this plasma, as we recall, contained different substances, platelets for healing... and those antibodies that have developed immunity donor. After getting into human patients antibodies start to kill a coronavirus, because they already had such an experience. Simply put, to help the "soldiers" of the body of the patient it is more experienced reinforcements in the form of special forces.

Due to the fact that the patient also develop antibodies to this virus, albeit more slowly, together they manage to fight off the infection. In fact the plasma of human blood — is the vaccine which helps in the fight against coronavirus. But it is very small, because not all want to become a donation plasma.

The First of medical law , where he was soon after China. In February 2020 there conducted the first tests of the treatment of coronavirus by transfusion of blood plasma, and they were successful. Patients recovered. In conjunction with quarantine measures in the country managed to quell the epidemic of a dangerous virus.

Not long ago this practice started to learn from other countries, including Russia. Moscow has organized the items for the delivery of blood plasma, which is taken from those who are already infected with a coronavirus. Pay money for it, but I think the feeling that thereby you may save someone's life, much more valuable. Share if you donate plasma, and why. At the time of this writing, in Moscow, recovered 3 persons from the coronavirus by transfusion of blood plasma.

How do you get blood plasma

To obtain the desired donors of blood plasma. Before the blood whirled in the centrifuge to high speeds, as a result of 500 ml of blood was taken only got 250-300 ml of plasma. This method is not the most effective, since in this case you can not return the red blood cells and other useful substances back to the donor.

a Centrifuge where the blood is dispersed, and the plasma itself stands up, and the red blood cells remain in the sediment.

And scientists have developed method of automatic plasmapheresis, which is now widely used in medicine. Delivery of blood plasma takes about 40 minutes.

  1. is First performed taking blood from a donor;
  2. the
  3. Then using a special tool ("bell") to separate the plasma. From 350 ml of blood is obtained 230 ml of blood plasma;
  4. the
  5. Cellular components of blood, including red blood cells, is returned to the device for the fence and return to the donor. In fact there is a reverse blood transfusion, but without plasma;
  6. the
  7. to compensate for the loss of fluid donor, he further added portion of saline.

the Machine that isolates the plasma from the blood and returns the red cells to the donor.

What is different about the donor blood from the donor plasma

As you can see, the process delivery of blood plasma not like ordinary blood donation. Regular blood donation takes about 10 minutes, whereas the plasma donors must beconnected to a special machine for 40 minutes.

In addition, the delivery of blood plasma can be more dangerous to humans. If I pick up the plasma by the method of automatic plasmapheresis, it is important that throughout the procedure, blood would run additional substances to reduce her clotting. Plasma a lot of platelets, which are responsible for clotting, and if you immediately remove a large number of them, the blood may coagulate — are formed large accumulations in the blood vessels, and humans can disrupt blood circulation.

Therefore, for the surrender of the blood plasma, as a rule, get paid more money than regular blood donation. In Moscow for every 150 ml of plasma is now pay 1250 rubles, 600 ml — 5, 000. For the usual surrender of 600 ml of blood pay less about 3600 rubles.

Why transfusions of blood plasma

Actually mostly plasma transfusions not to fight coronavirus (this now so), and with disorders of blood clotting or if a person lost too much blood. In this case, the loading dose of platelets will not only help to restore the clotting, but also help to heal even serious wounds. Plasma transfusion is much more effective than blood transfusion as a whole because the person can send only those substances that are needed.

In addition, blood plasma is used to create medicines. It contain many pills, including those which are prescribed in the treatment of deficiency of the immune system, neurological, infectious and autoimmune diseases, heart failure, and other. Every year doctors are finding new possibilities of application of plasma.

The Idea that the blood has almost magical properties, took place at the dawn of modern society. Therefore, some experiments in this area still, and as we can see, they are very successful.

blood Plasma is the key to treatment of many diseases.


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