In the United States recognized that the ventilator dies 88% of patients with coronavirus


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In the United States recognized that the ventilator dies 88% of patients with coronavirus

When the world is raging coronavirus that causes pneumonia and kills people, the only solution is intensive care. If this is not done, the victims will be very much. Today for severe patients there is only one solution — connected to the apparatus of artificial lung ventilation (ALV). These devices is critical is not enough, but many people think that they are a panacea and save lives. This is not so. As follows from the recent report of the U.S. government, the effectiveness of this method of treatment is greatly exaggerated. But not to give up on using them! However, there is one excuse for why ventilation is not very effective.

What is a ventilator

A ventilator is a device which allows to oxygenate the patient's lungs a mixture of oxygen and dried air, and remove carbon dioxide.

This is necessary for use in particularly difficult cases, when the patient is not breathing on his own or when he needs help breathing. Hence the devices are divided into invasive and non-invasive. They differ in that in the first case in the respiratory system of a patient tube inserted and the device itself performs the patient's respiratory function. Noninvasive ventilation allows only help in breathing. For this patient put on the mask, but the ventilation efficiency in this case becomes somewhat lower.

There are also mechanical ventilators for the right person, but they are used only for intensive care or temporary ventilation. On an ongoing basis should be used in the automatic apparatus.

How effective ventilator

According to recent studies, dealing with the coronavirus in the United States, it became clear that the connection of the patient to the ventilator is not always the key to his recovery. On the contrary. According to the statistics of those who are connected to the system ventilation, the vast majority of patients dying.

The Study was conducted on the basis of sampling among patients admitted to 12 hospitals in March of this year. Full report .

the Fight against coronavirus employ hundreds of thousands of doctors around the world. Thank you!

Total for March 2020 the 12 hospitals were hospitalized nearly six thousand people, most of whom had comorbidities. For example, heart problems, kidney disease, lung disease and diseases associated with metabolism.

There is even the following statistics that shows the distribution of diseases among admitted patients:


    Hypertension — 56% the

  • Obesity — and 41.7%
  • the
  • Diabetes — 33,8%

You would think that numbers do not sum to 100%, but the patients received one disease. That is, if a person's obesity, this does not mean that he does not have hypertension or diabetes.

In the end, the hospital in the amount left about two and a half thousand patients. Some of them were discharged, and the rest died. Of these two and a half thousand in intensive care units was 14.2% of people and almost all of them were connected to the ventilator. The problem lies in the fact that 88% of those hooked up to the machine died (about 250 people).

The highest mortality rates were among patients older than 65 years — 97%. While men die more often than women.

Can a ventilator to save a life

Of Course, in saving lives is never too much effort. That is why you still need to use all the means available. But, as the study showed, the ventilator saves relatively few lives.

Only one ventilator is not able to solve all the problems. We still have to apply a treatment with medicines.

The fact that it is used only in the most severe cases. When nothing else is not able to help and need to take extreme measures, a person connected to the apparatus.

Perhaps if the ventilator will be more, and the statistics will be better. They will connect people in a less serious condition, the chance of survival which is significantly higher than in older patients.

Of Course, statistics can be artificially fix now. The only question is how correctly from an ethical point of view, to refuse treatment to patients with low chances of success. Of course, the laws of evolution and common sense show that it is necessary to move forward those who have more chances, but in real life is not so simple. If you do not agree, the tribune offers. There you will be heard.

When the phones will become more and help you all deaths will be less, but until then the funds will be allocated with priority for complex cases, and we have roughly the same statistics which have now. Well at least many companies have adjusted release of the ventilator. Even . This can save hundreds or even a thousand lives.

This device is necessary, but by itself does not guarantee successful treatment.


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