Why not clean the ears with cotton swabs?


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Why not clean the ears with cotton swabs?

And you clean the ears with cotton swabs? If Yes, then immediately stop. Scientists and doctors already not the first year indicate that to clean the ears with cotton sticks and other harmful items. However, many are still using cotton swabs improperly. So, the habit of every day to clean the ears with a cotton swab turned to a young woman in mortal danger: the doctors found the skull of a native Australian dangerous infectious disease, which led to hearing loss.

Clean the ears harmful?

Who would not say, but the ear canal is the only open to dirt and infection site in the body of a man where you can't get your finger. So maybe not worth it? But how then to be with sulfuric stoppers which can accumulate in the ears if they are not clean?

In fact, earwax is a natural lubrication of the ear canal. Sulfur is a viscous connection of the sebaceous and sweat secretions. Earwax is necessary in order to clean out dead skin cells from the ear canal. Therefore, sulfur is not accumulated in the ear, everything is exactly the opposite — a layer of sulfur protects against bacteria and removes the debris.

This is interesting: Scientists have come up with

But ear cleaning cotton Bud leads to the formation of cerumen. When cleaning the layer of sulfur clogged the depth where the ear and is formed of a tube that a doctor will not pull out. Moreover, the more often to clean the ears, the more sulfur will be formed. This is because the skin on the inside of the auditory canal is very delicate and any damage to the amount of sulfur will increase to protect the skin.

A person's Ears tend to clean themselves — the motion of the jaws, e.g. when chewing food sulfur is pushed out of the ear canal, accumulating in the ear, which can be easily cleaned.

Do you know how to properly clean ears? Share your stories .

Who said that we should clean the ears?

Today, otolaryngologists all over the world are unanimous — to clean the ears is not necessary. But then why are we doing this?

Perhaps the reason lies in our hygienic habits. We brush our teeth, nose, wash our face, so why the ears are not clean, once it accumulates some kind of sticky stuff? In all times there were fans to clean the ears of a variety of items. Probably some people do it due to the frequent formation of cerumen. This happens when you transferred earlier diseases, structural features of the ear canal or the secret of sulfuric glands.

Why to clean your ears with cotton sticks bad?

Once and for all to stop to shove cotton swabs in the ear canal, is familiar with the spooky story that happened to 37-year-old Australian by the name of Jasmine. Every night before I sleep a woman is not only cleaned teeth, but also the ears. Of course with a cotton swab.

recorded At 12.5 thousand cases of injury on the cotton swabs.

Over time she noticed that he became deaf in my left ear, and finally went to the doctor. At first, the doctors suggested the presence of normal infection and was prescribed yasmin antibiotics. However, the hearing went nowhere, and while cleaning ears with cotton sticks began to appear in the blood.

After the hearing test, which revealed moderate deafness, Jasmine was sent to the office of the otolaryngologist. The specialist ordered a CT scan, which revealed the true picture: the woman had a bacterial infection which "ate" the bone of the skull behind the ear.

According to experts, due to the regular cleaning ears with cotton sticks, ear Jasmine stuck cotton fibers which led to an infection. In the end, Jasmine underwent 5-hour surgery to remove infected tissue and reconstruction of the ear canal. However, her hearing never returned.

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And in March of this year British doctors reported the case of a cranial infection after a cotton swab stuck in the ear canal men.

why the need For cotton buds?

But if cotton swabs, as claimed by the producers themselves, are not meant for ear cleaning, what they need then? Actually, ways to use q-tips a lot. They can be used to remove the excess of any cosmetic product with a limited surface. Also they are convenient to handle minor wounds in case of a cut or skin damage.

Cotton buds

Generally, cotton swabs were due to the fact that their Creator is named Leo Gerstenzang saw his wife face their son from the mud with cotton wound on a toothpick. So the family of Gerstenzang had the opportunity not to work, and the world — cotton swabs.

Anyway, despite the popularity and appeal of cotton swabs, it's worth to think about using them. The fact is that if cotton buds made of wood, today it was replaced by plastic. Using a cotton swab once on purpose, we are without even noticing .

Do you use cotton swabs?


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