What is the difference between green olives and black olives? And what good are they


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What is the difference between green olives and black olives? And what good are they

The Oval fruit of the olive tree grow on the medium height trees. Its origin is a plant takes from the Mediterranean, for centuries they were the main diet of the peoples of the Mediterranean coast. Olive trees grow slowly, their life span is 500 years, and their height can reach 16 meters. Moreover, they are used for the growth of olives, and olives.

They grow in areas where no frost, preferring dry, well-drained soil. The tree begins to bear fruit, reaching 3-4 years of age. In some cases, more time is needed in order to start to harvest olives. On the resource page collected a lot of interesting facts about this plant, showing that olives are not only tasty but also very healthy.

what is the difference between black olives and green olives

It Should be noted that black olives (olives) — it is a ripe fruit, and green — immature. And those and others are used in the food industry and are not different fruits. Color depends on maturity. The taste of olives is largely dependent on variety. Dark olives have a milder flavor and the green is more spicy and sharp. Green olives is called the fruit is collected before ripening. Their color varies from yellow to green. Mixed olives is called the fruit collected during their maturation to adulthood: their color varies from brown to pink. Black olives (namely in Russia and called olives) is called the fruits collected after maturation.

It is Important to note that raw olives are used and do not require treatment, because they contain a bitter component oleuropein, which in large amounts may cause spasms of the larynx.

Use of olives health

It Should be noted that olives can not boast of a high content of vitamin C. Their beneficial qualities — additional. The olives are traditionally considered as very healthy food. They not only provide energy but also contain appreciable amounts of plant antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

The Olives are moderately high in calories. Their energy value is 115 calories per 100 grams. Calories come mainly from fat. While olives contain healthy fats in the form of acids, which help to reduce the level of LDL ("bad cholesterol") and increase the level of "good cholesterol". Studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet helps to prevent coronary artery disease and stroke.

Olive — is an antioxidant

In olives also contain compounds that provide olives their bitter and pungent taste. It is a powerful natural antioxidants. Together with vitamin E they play a vital role in combating cancer, inflammation, coronary artery disease, degenerative diseases of the nervous system, diabetes and other diseases. Studies show that olives have anti-inflammatory qualities, similar to "Ibuprofen".

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Olives in appreciable amounts contain vitamin E. In 100 grams of canned olives contains 1.65 milligrams of this vitamin, which is 11% of the recommended daily allowance. Vitamin E is a powerful lipid soluble antioxidant, required for maintaining integrity of mucus membranes and skin. In addition, the olives also contain appreciable amounts of minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, manganese and zinc.

Olive oil made from olives or black olives?

From the black olives, make olive oil and green olives – canned. Olive oil is considered as one of the healthiest edible oils since it contains less saturated fat. Olive oil has a recommended ratio of important fatty acids. By the way, for bottling of high-quality extra virgin olive oil you can't use plastic containers because even the new plastic still has at least a minimal smell that olive oil will quickly absorb.

what is the difference between olive and sunflower oil

Since olive oil contains significantly more oleic acid than sunflower, it is better absorbed. Oleic fatty acid is very good for the body, as it promotes the digestion, and makes olive oil a dietary product. In addition, when heated in olive oil appears much less hazardous substances, so it, unlike the sunflower, is suitable for frying.

Nutritionists recognize olive oil is more beneficial because it strengthens the bones, prevents aging of the body and development of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

What is dangerous olives

Olives are considered a safe food product. While some people may experience allergic reactions to caustic soda. Soda and salt, which process the olives contain a lot of sodium — more than the recommended amount to eat. Place olives in a bowl and rinse them several times before eating to remove excess salt and baking soda.

Danger in canned olives. Their color depends on used in their production technologies. So, black canned olives, called in Russiaolives, as well as green, unripe going. And then because of the special processing, their color becomes black. To obtain this effect the fruits oxidize additives Е524 and Е579 (so it is better to just view the presence of these additives, when you buy olives at the store). Their color is black, they get softer, and the fruit appears specific taste.

Did you Know before that black and green olives — no different results and differ only in degree of maturity? Share in the comments and .


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