How the Moon affects humans?


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How the Moon affects humans?

a full Moon in the forest

has been a source of inspiration and object of worship since time immemorial. The Greek philosopher Anaxagoras gave one of the first scientific explanation of the nature of the moon. Thus, he confirmed that the Moon is not a deity, and a large spherical body that reflects that is also had in itself nothing of the divine. In 1610, Galileo described his observations of the Moon. Thus, it became known that on the Earth there are mountains and craters. However, despite the observation, the Moon has continued to generate myths. One of the most common is the myth about the full moon preceding the lunacy — the sleep disorder that affects one in ten. But is it really?

Enchanted by the Moon

Natural satellite of the Earth has always fascinated the human mind. For centuries people worshipped the moon, studied it and referred to it to the direction of your life and health. It got to the point that today one can often hear that even cut hair should be in a certain phase of the moon.

It is believed that once in the dark sky the clouds shifted, revealing the silver Shine of the full moon, people start to go crazy. This story is repeated doctors, teachers and police around the world. Write in what you think about this, and while we know the opinions of scientists.

You can Blame the full moon strange behavior — a long tradition. In the first century ad Roman philosopher Pliny the elder suggested that the full moon has led to the formation of a larger amount of dew, which in turn has led to increased moisture in the brain, and this, he said, led to madness.

The Idea that the full moon drives people crazy, is still not out of fashion. In the 1970-ies of the popular book claimed that just as the Moon controls the tides, its gravitational influence affects the liquid that spills into the human brain. Even today you can hear stories about the bad behavior of the students and the people affected by the strange occurrences during a full moon. But there is one big problem with all these theories: none of them are untrue.

What is moon

the view of the moon from the suburbs inspires

For decades, the researchers studied hospital records and police reports. Again and again they came to the same conclusion — the full moon seems to have nothing to do with the strange events. No baby boom, no synchronized menstrual cycles and bouts of madness.

Speaking of madness:

"I don't know of any recurring open in the literature that there is a connection between full moon and strange behavior" — says Scott Lilienfeld, Professor of psychology at Emory University. Often that confirm this assertion does not stand up to scrutiny. In one article the researchers argue that the full moon happens more than automobile accidents. Later they abandoned it, realizing that many of those full moons occurred on weekends, when more people are in the way. But despite the lack of evidence, many people still believe that a full moon makes everything strange.

How people justify madness

It is Not clear where did this superstition. But in defense of believers in the "moon madness", the Moon has a definite influence on the Earth. Not surprisingly, people wondered whether the Moon is shaping their lives.

Full Moon over town

The artificial lighting the full moon would not let people sleep at night, including people suffering , which was aggravated by problems falling asleep. But, regardless of where that idea came from, people probably was easy to find evidence for their suspicions that bad things happen is the full moon. Our usually predisposed to see the connection where it actually not. Once people have the idea that the full moon is associated with strange behavior, they are unconsciously looking for confirmation of his thoughts.

This type of thinking scientists referred to as cognitive distortion. Experts believe that cognitive bias is built into our thinking, as a means of self-preservation. If you are walking through the woods and see something like a snake you will move, if so. But most often just in front of you is the stick. The same applies to the full moon.

Our world is very unpredictable, and we can deliver relief to the idea that he is not as unruly and unpredictable as we imagine. Around nothing stands still, and we like to think that it is the fault of the full moon, and not the reason that world — just a strange place, no matter what the sky looks like.

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