How many people can feed our planet?


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How many people can feed our planet?

whether our planet to feed 10 billion people?

Currently, the planet has about 7 billion people. Each of those 7 billion has certain needs and needs daily food, a certain quantity of clean water and other material things. However, if at the beginning of the XX century the world's population did not exceed two billion, the rapid development of medicine has contributed to the reduction of mortality worldwide has led to the fact that at the beginning of the XXI century was able to grow in a few times and amounted to 7 billion people. If such population growth was triggered by a sharp increase in the level of comfort, what awaits us next? What is the maximum number of people can feed our planet as a whole?

How many people a planet can support?

According to the latest studies, the maximum number of people, which can withstand approximately 10 billion people. Permanent growth of welfare of people around the world leads to the fact that this milestone very soon could be overcome. What will happen then?

Biosphere - the shell of the Earth, inhabited by living organisms under their influence and occupied by the products of their vital activity, and also set its properties like planet, where the conditions for the development of biological systems; the global ecosystem of the Earth.

Scientists believe that even if the entire population of the planet to turn into vegetarians, the chances of our survival still will every day decrease. The fact that freshwater resources are already almost exhausted. According to statistics, from lack of fresh water currently affects a quarter of the total population. By 2050, water is in danger of becoming one of the most valuable on the planet, turning countries such as Russia , Canada and the United States in the biggest exporters of water.

In addition, the overpopulation of the planet is threatened by disturbance of the natural balance in the cycle of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. In other words, sooner or later the mankind will face the problem of not only scarcity of water but of air.

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the Lack of fresh water is already acute in about one-quarter of the planet

is it Possible to prevent the lack of resources on the planet?

According to the UN ten-billionth person will be born in 2100. Despite the threat of overpopulation, humanity has a chance to turn the destructive process in the opposite direction. According to trends, modern people are not in a hurry to get a family and offspring that can be caused by sociocultural influence. A similar phenomenon is now strongly influences the birth rate, which since 1950 has been steadily declining in most countries of the world.

Official statistics show that the birth rate barely covers the death rate. So, according to statistics, in the world, one woman has 2.1 for the child. If by 2100 the global replacement level of the population will remain at current levels, by the end of XXI century the world population will reach nine to ten billion people.

do we Die?

Despite the fact that the global statistics shows an extremely weak natural population growth in some countries still there are special events, aimed to reduce the birth rate. So, in 1975 at the initiative of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had initiated the mass sterilization due to the extremely rapid population growth. Women subjected to surgical procedures in exchange for monetary compensation. The rejection procedure for remuneration does not mean that the operation will be not to do. Its still doing the force.

As you consider, whether to conduct activities aimed at reducing fertility? Humane they? Let's try to discuss this issue in

Millions of Indian women were forced to undergo mandatory sterilization because of the threat of overpopulation of the country

Apart from India, the issue of forced sterilization was raised in 2012 in Uzbekistan, where earlier it was welcomed by a large family. The threat of overpopulation in the country led to the fact that women are often sterilized without their knowledge immediately after the birth of her second child. The fact is that, in order to reduce the birth rate, the government has announced a secret campaign, highlighting the doctors every month a certain number of quotas for the conduct of forced sterilization. Particularly large quotas were issued to doctors from rural areas, promoting up to 8 transactions per week.

Despite the fact that in some countries there is a danger of overpopulation, most European and even some Asian countries such as Singapore, need to promote . In Romania in the 1960-ies there was a curious practice of stimulate the natural growth of the population. First, the Romanian government issued a series of laws prohibiting the use of any methods of contraception and divorce. Second, the state introduced a tax of 20 % of monthly wages for all the lonely and childless individuals over the age of 25. Despite the totalitarian control, the campaign has led to this disaster, which hundreds of thousands of children were left in the care of orphanages.

Romania XX century practiced very harsh ways of promotion of fertility.

Perhaps the rhetorical question “do we Die?” is to ask the entire population of the globe as a whole, but individual States experiencing a particular problem in a situation with fertility. If the disappearance of the human species until we no longer threatens the extinction or overpopulation of certain countries may well happen in the near future. I think that soon we will hear many interesting facts about laws from around the world designed to deal with the problems of fertility of the population.


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