How dangerous a sedentary lifestyle?


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How dangerous a sedentary lifestyle?

a Sedentary lifestyle can lead to premature death.

We've All heard about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. It is hardly beneficial to our entire body. However, if before about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle spoke only as the factor that triggers the development of several diseases, the recent report by Norwegian scientists, the abstracts of which were recently announced at the world cardiology Congress ESC 2019, forcing us to look differently at the problem. After all, a sedentary way of life fairly quickly may cause .

How a sedentary lifestyle affects health?

The European society of cardiology for more than 20 years figured out how physical activity affects the likelihood of dying from various causes and author of the new work, Dr. Trina Moholdt said that most of the researchers involved in these investigations made a pretty grave mistake — they interviewed his subjects on how intensively they practiced only once during the entire period, then continued monitoring of health status.

The Purpose of this study was to assess how changes in physical activity over 22 years was associated with subsequent death from all causes and diseases, because physical activity — it's part of our habits, which are changing many people over time. Therefore, it is important to understand . The authors invited all residents of Norway aged 20 years and older to participate in the new work. In the end, 23 were selected 146 men and women, a poll was held 3 times: in 1984-1986, 1995-1997 and 2006-2008, respectively. Every time people were asked about their frequency and duration of physical activity in your free time. Physical activity was classified as inactive, moderate (less than two hours per week) and high (two or more hours per week). The participants were divided into groups according to their level of activity in each survey.

Then this data is compared with information about the deaths of people at the time of the end of 2013. The risk of death in each group of physical activity were compared with the reference group (those who reported high levels of physical activity during both surveys). Not left without attention of scientists and factors such as body mass index, age, gender, Smoking, educational level and blood pressure.

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As a result, compared with the control group, people who have been inactive in 1984-1986 and 2006-2008, had a 2.7 times higher probability of death from cardiovascular disease, and 2 times greater risk of death from other causes associated with a sedentary lifestyle. In persons with moderate activity in both time 60% and 90% were at high risk of death from other causes and from cardiovascular disease, respectively .

Dr. Moholdt noted that there are clear recommendations about the amount of exercise that adults should do for «optimizing their health». According to the output of a scientist, these numbers are only 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of anaerobic activity (running, swimming) per week. And you go out for a run or go to the gym? Write about it in our

The Important point here is that the levels of physical activity, even below the recommended will not give health benefits. Physical activity is a more important indicator than the number of exercises. That is, no matter how fast you run. What matters is how long you do it.

Running is still the best means for the prevention of cardiovascular disease

As for those who «change category» between surveys, i.e. people who moved from inactive to active lifestyle had a risk of mortality significantly lower than those who remained at the same level of physical activity.


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