Protective masks: what you need to know?


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Protective masks: what you need to know?

If you still do not understand whether the conditions of a raging pandemic to wear masks, seat back. But before I get started on the proper use of personal protective equipment, should get closer to the enemy. SARS-CoV-2 – representative of the family of coronaviruses, which consists of two subfamilies and consists of 40 types of viruses that affect the respiratory system of humans and animals. Some of them – the familiar of SARS, but others, such as SARS and CoVID-19 lead to the development of atypical pneumonia. Recall that one of the main dangers of the pandemic coronavirus is overload of the health system that could not handle the influx of seriously ill patients who require connection to the ventilator. Tell how not to get infected and not to infect others, using protective masks.

the size of the coronavirus has value

From the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 presented to scientists and epidemiologists with many surprises. So, our regular readers know that neither , nor the natural host of the new coronavirus could not be established. However, familiarity with the virus continues, scientists have learned something very important: the new coronavirus is sufficiently large when compared with other viruses and microscopic particles. As it turned out, the average size CoVID-19 is 0.1 micron, which is an advantage for us as protective masks filter particle size of 0.007 microns. The picture below illustrates the size of the new coronavirus, relative to the size of red blood cells – blood cells, the most numerous cellular component of blood – which is 7 micron.

Protective masks filter particle size of 0.007 microns.
CoVID-19 = 0.1 micron
1 micron = 0.001 mm
1 millimeter = 1,000 microns

Protective masks filter particle size of 0.007 microns. The image shows the size of the new coronavirus in comparison with bacteria (0.5 microns), PM 2.5 particle pollution (2.5 microns), red blood cells (7 microns) and particles PM 10 (10 micron)

Who needs to wear a mask?

Short answer – everyone!

The Answer to this question depends on the situation in which you are. As well as the kind of your activities. So, if you are a medical professional, feel great and each day leave home, for example at work, then a protective mask is unlikely to help not to get sick. Moreover, as we mentioned, in some cases, the protective mask with the novel coronavirus. However, if you are experiencing discomfort and feel bad, remember about the others – leave the house only when absolutely necessary, and a respirator. In this situation, wearing a mask, you will save health of other people. But what to do if you are healthy and you need to enter premises where there are infected ? Whether to wear a mask?

Let's take another look at the situation from the point of view of the population: if I'm not sick, a mask I put on; to understand what a person is ill, difficult, and it is known that people can be sick without symptoms. Hence the conclusion — to understand if you are sick or not, you can't. So any person that feels good might be contagious. If you look at footage from China, Italy and Spain, all people wear masks. of Why? the answer is — the liability. If you're not wearing a mask — and I'm not wearing. And the guy that is sick of seeing us without masks, not wearing a mask. In the end we all became infected. Easier all wear masks, and not to think that a neighbor is sick or healthy… he Put on a mask or not.

What kind of mask to protect against coronavirus is best?


1. Powered Air-Purifying Respirator

According to an employee of a large company manufacturing all types of protective masks, better protection can provide PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator). This respirator filters the incoming air through a huge number of indicators, including viruses, toxic gases and bacteria. The necessary pressure supports the electric motor, which delivers clean air.

the Most reliable respirator looks like this


2. Full face mask with replaceable cartridge

In second place is full-face mask with replaceable cartridges. This mask allows you to fully protect a person from getting the virus particles to the mucous eyes, nose and mouth are protected correctly chosen cartridge.

a Mask that protects the whole face


3. Half-Mask Respirator FFP3

In third place of all the subsequent ones are masks that do not protect the whole face, so that the eyes remain open to ingress of viral particles. However, the highest level of protection among paulicevich masks, is able to fully filter the coronavirus with a size of 0.7 microns is the respirator «FFP3». This type of protective respirators are recommended for use in medical institutions.

this is the respirator used in health-care facilities


4. Half-Mask Respirator FFP2 and FFP1

It Should be noted that all the following respirators FFP2 (medium protection) and FFP1 (low level security) not as effective as FFP3. These respirators can already skip the coronavirus, but the issue is the number of viral particles. So, the mask with a low level of protection miss more particles CoVID-19. of BUT! Most viral particles remain on the respirator – thereby protecting the airway.

If you have to choose between FFP1 and FFP2, it is better to choose the second option


5. Three-layer surgical face mask

According to the study, published in , even the ordinary surgical masks for face filter particle size from 0.007 microns. Despite the fact that the study was devoted to the problem of air pollution in China, the results also indicate that the simple surgical mask can filter out up to 60% of tiny particles, including coronavirus. Look at the chart below: before you the size of the particles and respirators that filter the air coming into the respiratory tract.

the graph shows the efficiency of different types of respirators in filtering harmful and pathogenic particles

As the majority of people are not doctors, as an auxiliary protection when communicating with a person , a normal surgical mask is fine.

do I Need to buy a mask?

No. Before heading to the nearest pharmacy in search of protective masks, think about the people that they can actually save a life. First of all it concerns doctors and health workers. The fact that the incubation period of the novel coronavirus can last from 5 to 24 days, and doctors make daily visits to a great number of patients. The influx of patients causes the deficiency of protective respirators, which increases the risk of infection of medical workers. So if you have the opportunity to observe a quarantine and as little as possible to go out – will do so. We should not be bought . In the end, the mask is effective against the ingress of tiny particles in the respiratory tract, can be done independently.

as much As no doubt the skeptics – but simple wool scarf filters out up to 28% of harmful and pathogenic particles

As shown by the polluted air in China, even ordinary wool scarf holds up to 28% of harmful particles larger than 0.007 micron. This means that if you have contact with a sick person, self-made cotton-gauze bandage will reduce the chance of being infected with SARS-CoV-2 at least 30%. But it's better than nothing.

How to use a protective mask?

And again – before you go for cotton wool and gauze – just a reminder that a simple surgical mask (as with any homemade mask) can be used only once. Time use of the respirator shall not exceed 2 hours. To erase a previously used mask is impossible, any respirator designed for single use. Also do not forget about safety precautions – wash your hands before putting on a mask before to take it off after you disposed of. The new coronavirus can be on the surfaces of plastic and metal items up to three days and up to 12 hours on clothing, so proper disposal of the mask in the dumpster with the lid closed will help others not to get sick. Well, we recall that adherence to and compliance with quarantine will help not only you but many other people save their lives and health.

a Pandemic of the novel coronavirus may take longer than we would like.


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