The most dangerous infectious diseases on the planet


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The most dangerous infectious diseases on the planet

The History of mankind is inextricably linked to constant epidemics and diseases, periodically erasing of the world's population from the face of the Earth. And although modern medicine has learned to fight certain pathogens, the most tenacious part of the virus currently remains undefeated. So what are infectious diseases still scare people from around the world and how do they manifest? Some of these diseases at the time claimed thousands of lives and from time to time continue to kill people. Moreover, infectious diseases are improved and can attack people .

Bubonic plague

“the Plague” doctors during the epidemic wore masks with long noses, which housed the vinegar on tampon

that struck in the Middle ages most of the population of Europe, was defeated in the early twentieth century with the anti-plague vaccines, serums and antibiotics. Anyway, even in the XXI century every year the disease infected about 2,500 people a year. Manifesting itself in the form of abscesses in the area of the axillary and inguinal lymph nodes, and fever, fever and delirium. The disease is curable in early stages, however, the so-called septic form of the mortality from the plague even today, more than 90%. Are we not so far removed from the middle Ages?


anthrax that hit the cow.

One of the most dangerous infectious diseases can be considered as anthrax, the emergence of which is supported by the bacteria Bacillus antracis. Featuring incredible level of contagiousness, anthrax, maybe decades, to remain on the surfaces, entering the human body through the gastrointestinal tract or airborne droplets. The infection causes necrotic ulcers, which if untreated, are exacerbated by the transition of the disease in the pulmonary form of the disease. The mortality rate with such a sad outcome reaches more than 90% of the patients.


by cholera Victims often are children.

Being one of the “old” infections, cholera is often mentioned in the books of medieval writers whose real or fictional characters suffer from vomiting, seizures and extreme dehydration, which, in fact, cause the deaths of patients. Currently, the main location of infection is considered the island of Haiti, where in 2010 there was one of the deadliest epidemics of the planet. Then, according to official data, the infection affects more than 200 000 people, of whom 3,000 were killed. Although timely treatment, the mortality from cholera is quite low without the use of antibiotics are at risk to die up to 85% of all infected.


Rage — one of the most dangerous infectious diseases in the world

The Virus Rabies virus that causes rabies, can enter the human body through the saliva during the bite of a wild animal. First manifesting itself in the form of increased temperature, itching and pain at the site of the bite, the disease progresses gradually and causes the patient to refuse water, to be frightened of any sudden noise, to experience hallucinations and fits of violence. A few days after the acute cases the risk of death from respiratory failure and paralysis. Although when carrying out a series of timely treatments rabies can be cured, even when the first symptoms of rabies the disease is not amenable to any treatment and recovery in this case becomes impossible.


HIV became a true epidemic of the twentieth century

Describing the most dangerous infectious diseases on the planet, we could not fail to mention HIV — the human immunodeficiency virus. Relatively new, a dangerous infection quickly spread around the world. Estimates for 2018, on our planet lives more 37,9 million people with HIV infection. If earlier the disease was passed from person to person through blood or semen, by the increase of the epidemic are increasingly began to appear cases where people were infected during blood transfusion, during childbirth or even during unskilled medical examinations. During the existence of the HIV has killed over 30 million people, and modern medicine could be a long time ill to offer only supportive care. Anyway, in one of our articles we already wrote about the fact that some people, previously recognized HIV-positive, was able to successfully heal from this extremely dangerous disease. Read more about these amazing cases, you can .


Ebola is still considered to be almost a hoax.

Ebola, in 2015, the former at the hearing of the inhabitants of the planet, originated in West Africa and has spread almostthe whole black continent. It is believed that a dangerous fever manifests itself in the incessant headaches, stomach pain and muscles, as well as heavy bleeding. Such a nasty disease people can get from animals-vectors, which are considered to be monkeys, bats and rats. Because of the extremely high level of infectivity, even single cases of Ebola represents a tremendous danger to their environment that, according to the who has led to the deaths of 22 630 people worldwide. Fortunately, now already underway for a vaccine, able to cure such a dangerous infectious disease. On its creation you can read right in .

is it Possible to cure the most dangerous infectious diseases of the planet?


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