Tesla and SpaceX will manufacture ventilators


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Tesla and SpaceX will manufacture ventilators

Today, a large part of the population of our planet is concerned about the spread of the coronavirus СoVID-19. This disease affects the lungs and in some cases cause complications that lead to death. As the vaccine for coronavirus is still not created, doctors save people's lives, connecting them to the apparatus of artificial lung ventilation (ALV). But each such device is from 500 000 to 3 000 000, so in many hospitals they simply do not. But soon the situation may change, because the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, has announced that he is ready to start production of ventilation in their factories. Is the famous entrepreneur will save the world from dangerous diseases?

Artificial lung ventilation (ALV) is a set of measures to maintain the circulation of air through the lung of a person who has ceased to breathe.

To Save the whole world alone, Elon musk is unlikely, but to contribute to the fight against coronavirus he sure could. Recently tweeted the entrepreneur has declared that in case of shortage of ventilators, his company can begin production. And the deficit IVL in the world is rather large. For example, in Moscow the number is a little over 5 thousand pieces, but the city buys new vehicles. To help Elon musk has already asked the mayor of new York bill de Blasio, declaring that the United States faces an acute shortage of ventilation. According to his calculations, new York requires thousands of devices and the sooner they appear, the better.

ventilators from Tesla

But for a quick start of the manufacturing of the ventilator of the company is unlikely to succeed. The fact that it is necessary to change the principles of operation of factories of Tesla and SpaceX, and this needs some time. Besides, Elon Musk warned his company would not be able to produce full vehicles . They will release their lightweight versions, which will only be able to support the breathing of patients with illness of mild to moderate severity. But people who are in critical condition, apparatus hardly something will help.

the ventilator looks like, but what would be the vehicles from Tesla, is still unknown.

Since Tesla and SpaceX were not previously involved in the production of medical equipment, some users doubt that Elon musk will be able to keep their promises. This entrepreneur said that his company produces vehicles and spacecraft with complex heating and ventilation. So with the production of simplified versions of the ventilator, they should not have any problems. But Elon Musk, recall, acknowledged that the start of production can take some time.

About how to work the ventilator, read our

Criticism of Elon musk

Actually, Elon Musk is not particularly worried about the coronavirus. Earlier he declared that much to worry about coronavirus stupid, because panic can be more dangerous than the disease itself. However, due to such sharp statements, he was subjected to much criticism. For example, CNN noted that Elon Musk has no formal knowledge of medicine and Virology. Consequently, comments in this way is so dangerous a world situation he has no right. The author of the book Black Swan Nassim Taleb in response to a statement by Elon musk announced that for many years people survived thanks to the panic.

Black Swan — the book of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, which deals with rare and hard to predict events that have significant consequences.

However, Elon Musk has not changed his opinion, and even sent employees of the company SpaceX, the letter in which he assured that with high probability they will die in a car accident than to suffer from the coronavirus. But he asked the workers to stay home if they feel the symptoms of coronavirus like shortness of breathing, high temperature and cough. At the time of this writing, March 23, at the home of Tesla and SpaceX (California), was more than 1 547 cases of infection with coronavirus. The number of dead people is 28 people.

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Coronavirus: Predictions from Elon musk

As Elon Musk are very comfortable with the pandemic, he believes that at the time of the start of production of the ventilator, they are no longer needed. In his opinion, by the end of April in the US will not be registered any case of infection with coronavirus.

However, the forecasts Elon musk to trust especially not worth it because the coronavirus is a serious problem for the entire world. To prevent infection and the spread of dangerous diseases, each of us must do as little as possible to go out, always wash hands thoroughly and observed . If you have symptoms of the coronavirus, you must call the doctor at home. Be healthy!

Elon Musk is going to launch production of equipment for artificial lung ventilation


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