Underwater Italian city may be on the surface in a year


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Underwater Italian city may be on the surface in a year

it looked like the village-the Ghost of Fabbriche di Carreggine in 1994

The Italian village of the 12th century Factory di Careggine, submerged under water for more than 26 years, soon will be able to see sunlight. Located in Tuscany, the village was flooded in 1946 by the construction of dams for hydroelectric power. Sunken medieval Italian village did not rise to the surface since 1994 when the last time I performed maintenance of the dam. After almost 27 years as the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the lake plan again to drain to recover the missing village-based blacksmiths, as many structures built in this time period are still preserved.

Flooded village-Ghost

Flooded 34 million cubic meters of water, still untouched buildings of an abandoned village – including the stone houses, the bridge, the cemetery and the Church of San Teodoro – appear above the water only during the technical work for maintenance of the dam. Since then, as a medieval village-Ghost went under water, it was seen only four times: in 1958, 1974, 1983 and 1994. In 1940-ies of the residents of the Factory di Careggine were relocated to the coastal town of wailly, and the village sank more than 747 million gallons of water. Currently, an artificial lake that hides the ancient architecture, acts as a reservoir in case of fire.

It Should be noted that local politicians have long been trying to drain the lake and reclaim the destroyed village. So, in 2015, the former mayor of the neighbouring town of wailly Mario Puglia, called again to drain the lake, referring to tourism and local employment. The fact that during the last draining of the lake in 1994 to look at the sunken village in Tuscany came to more than a million visitors. As CNN, the daughter of a former mayor of the local municipality of Ilio Domenico Georgie, Georgie Lorenz in his post on Facebook indicated that the lake may have drained in 2021

From certain sources I know that in 2021 the lake Vagli will be devastated. The last time this happened was in 1994, when my father was mayor. Then look at the sunken village came more than a million people. Hopefully next year we will be able to draw as much attention to the Factory di Careggine.

despite decades underwater, medieval architecture to be restored

Hydropower is an important component of the energy sector Italy at 67 per cent of all energy produced from renewable sources in the country. By the way, Italy is the 4th largest producer of hydropower in Europe. Representatives of the energy company Enel, which manages the artificial lake, said that one of the discussed initiatives is the reconstruction of the natural environment, including emptying the reservoir and, possibly, evacuation of the pool. Well, let's hope that soon the pandemic COVID-19 will come to naught, allowing people from around the world to see the Factory di Careggine with my own eyes.

Where in Italy Ghost towns?

You May not know this, but Italy abandoned towns, villages and hamlets – small communities across the country – there are approximately 6000. It is noteworthy that each of these cities were empty for a reason. For example, villages in remote regions were abandoned after the Second world war, as local residents traveled to larger cities in search of a better life. Other towns and villages have been abandoned due to epidemics of malaria and plague, and the rest of the Ghost towns have become as such due to landslides, floods and continuous earthquakes. But there were such settlements, in which all local residents have died and their homes were empty. The disappearance of some mountain villages have contributed to economic reasons after cessation of work, some residential regions of Sardinia was abandoned.

the Krako (Craco), Matera, Basilicata, was evacuated in 1963, after the disappearance of the giant landslide

But in the past a thriving Italian settlement – the unique sights of Italy. The ancient city where the time stopped, as if showing us the past, allowing you to experience the history and enjoy the nature that thrives in the absence of people.

Italian authorities believe that a pandemic of the novel coronavirus may serve as a stimulus for recolonization 5,800 villages with population of less than 5,000 people. Some of the most famous architects of the country suggested that city residents could move to these quiet places, to help mitigate the impact of future outbreaks of the virus. Indeed, the romance of Italian Ghost towns – and the desire to encourage investment – fuelled a number of schemes in which homes are sold to locals and foreigners for only 1 Euro.


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