Why butterfly wings don't break under the heavy drops of rain?


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Why butterfly wings don't break under the heavy drops of rain?

Perhaps it is the most beautiful butterfly in the world — Peleita Morpho (Morpho peleides)

Almost all people hate annoying flies, cockroaches and other nasty insects. But butterflies with different colored and patterned wings like a — some people even collect them. Today there are more than 200,000 species of these Lepidoptera creatures, and they still remain interesting objects for scientific research. Here have you thought ever about why the fragile wings of butterflies do not break under the blows of the heavy drops of rain? Scientists say that these attacks such as if a person from a great height dropped the bowling ball. Researchers knew about the force of impact of rain drops, but just to answer how insect wings in their stand, could not answer. Recently the mystery was solved.

the Wings of butterflies

About how butterflies survive under heavy rainfall, was described in . According to scientists, the speed of falling rain drops is very high — water particles with a diameter of 5 millimeters can accelerate up to 10 meters per second. The weight of rain drops is also very significant and in some cases equals 0.12 grams. Now imagine that these raindrops falling on fragile wings is very common in Russia butterfly rash (Aglais urticae). The laws of physics, drops need to break the wings and fatally injure the insect, but this is not happening. Why?

Yes, all these butterflies that fly throughout Russia, called hives. And their larvae develop on the leaves of nettles.

The Secret lies in the structure of the wings nature has taken care to some of the most important parts of the body of the butterfly was protected from external influences. As you might guess, butterflies are called Lepidoptera insects, because their wings are covered with scales. In childhood many of us have caught the butterfly and held fingers in their wings — have you noticed that they remain in the residue? Some people think that it is pollen, but actually it is those scales that play an important, almost a decisive role in the life of a butterfly. Little we do not know and even could not assume that butterflies with worn wings, flew a short time and eventually died.

it looks like the scales of butterfly wings under the microscope

Natural protection against water

So, the wings of butterflies are covered with scales in the form of crests, cells, ridges and jaws, but flat — the most. These scales form on the wings of butterflies beautiful patterns, involved in the regulation of their body temperature as well as repel falling water on them. In this lies the secret- the rain can't cause the wings of butterflies harm because they repel water. This raises the following question — how scales affect water and how effective is it?

Sudden fact about butterflies: females kistenbosch ordinary (Orgyia antiqua) no wings and they cannot fly.

To learn all this, a group of biologists under the leadership of Professor Son-Ho Kim (Seungho Kim) conducted an experiment. They are placed on a flat surface leaves, feathers and butterfly wings. The first two objects was necessary for the scientists was to compare the effectiveness of the scales in terms of the destruction of water droplets. These exposed surfaces, with a height of two meters, dropped a drop of water. Everything was recorded on camera, which can record video with a frequency of one thousand frames per second.

In the video above you can see how a drop of water hits the sharp flakes and break up into many small parts. It turns out that a heavy particle of water in contact with the insect wings the minimum time, that is, the force of the blow is greatly reduced. The research compares this with the fall of the water-filled ball on the surface with a needle — ball quickly torn to pieces, unable to put pressure on the surface.

For butterfly heavy drops of rain — like water-filled balloons. But they are protected by pins and needles

After the experiment the scientists and we with you became known is another interesting fact about butterflies. But that's not the most interesting thing about them you can tell. In March 2020, I published an article that the wings of some butterflies , which absorbs 99% of sunlight. According to researchers, dark areas on the wings helps the male butterflies attract females. Also there is speculation that the black parts help insects to regulate body temperature.

If the wings of butterflies you are interested, I recommend to pay attention to the material that helps them to hide from bats. At the same time you will learn what an unusual way to hunt bats and what do they eat.


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