Like bill gates, Steve jobs and others changed the world in 1995


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Like bill gates, Steve jobs and others changed the world in 1995

These people could change the world.

25 years ago was 1995, but few know that he was famous and that special happened this year. However, it was then invented or are many things without which we just had no idea then of his life. Some of them turned into something new, giving him another push, and another part has survived intact, proving its revolutionary. There were other years when he made important discoveries or produced revolutionary products, but in 1995, stars and geniuses somehow came together so that we could create something really outstanding. Something about what I want to talk even after a quarter-century.

In 1995 can indeed be considered something very important in today's digital world. Only one an explosive increase in the number of sites was worth. In 1994, there were 2 700, and in 1995 became 23 500. The growth went exponentially, but in 1995 did all that we had now what we have. In this article we will talk about the people who have made a contribution and immortalized their names in the world of high technology.

how did you start With Jeff Bezos

If you surf the Internet in 1995, you could stumble upon a novelty — an online bookstore, which opened in July, declaring themselves "the largest bookstore of the Earth." They ran a startup from Seattle .com, headed by 31-year-old Jeff Bezosa, who refused the post of Vice-President of a hedge Fund on wall street. By the end of that year, Amazon had customers across the country and even in other countries.

Here's how Jeff Bezos has changed in 20 years.

Approximately 18 months after Amazon opened his business, Bezos showed journalists a warehouse, which it was difficult to call a tech. He talked about how picking up novels to read and demonstrated the web site which was far from what we see now. Then he was worried and was happy that he was able so quickly to achieve a good result. He did not know what was ahead.

In the heart of the strategy lay discounts on books that are interesting to the reader, not the ones that should sell quickly. About this future richest man in the world and told reporters.

First cartoon Pixar

Steve jobs did not always work at Apple, the company he founded in the early years of the birth of personal computers. Fired from Apple, he spent more than a decade in exile (1985 and 1997), but have not been idle.

Steve was able to make almost any business successful.

He ran a company Next, first creating a very expensive computers, and then concentrating on the software. He also was a major investor and subsequently the owner of the animation Studio Pixar, which at the end of 1995 released the legendary cartoon Toy Story (toy Story). It was the first feature-length computer-animated film. The cartoon was so popular and liked by millions of people.

And at about this time, also in 1995, the Studio went on IPO and raised $ 140 million investment. At this point, jobs became a billionaire, and at the same time received the post of Director General.

At the time this cartoon blew up the industry.

For this reason at the beginning of 1996, he told reporters that he is motivated by that a person does not know, but he seems like he already knows that. Then Steve was 40 years old, and he died in 2011 at the age of 56 years.

Windows 95, and the prophecy of bill gates

Another event of 1995 was the creation of the famous Windows 95, which stood on the lion's share of computers around the world. The novelty was represented by the CEO of Microsoft and co-founder bill gates.

People wanted to use the new "Windows", but was still running a campaign that was worth $ 300 million. The advertisement was based on the song Rolling Stones Start Me Up.

a Young bill gates would be proud at the time.

Interestingly, in the same year, gates praised the advent of Internet in our lives and called it the most important development since the release in 1981 of the IBM PC. He also said that in the future the web page will bring you money, as partners will place them on their links. And now we have banner ads that generate money is needed for the existence of the website.

For a Long time that bill gates was the richest man in the world, but later it is shifted from this position . Despite this, gates still ranks among the world's richest people.

the First Internet search engine

The Internet was a novelty for most people in 1995. Was not social networks, popular websites and even search engines, but someone had to organize everything. And then there were two people — Stanford University graduate students named Jerry Yang and David Filo, who a year earlier had created a directory called "Guide Jerry and David on ". About it, few have heard, but about Yahoo know almost everything. Its launched in March 1995. In the same year they also added the function of search engines to Yahoo.

These two made Yahoo.

It was not a full search in the current view, but it greatly helped to find the right page — everything was cataloged.I wonder what started partners with the office that had a dozen computers and a network at a speed of 45 Mbps. But every day they added to their directory of hundreds of sites.

Even then, they understood that this must comply. Their search engine was not the best, but still enjoys great popularity.

What else did in 1995

It was in 1995 and other interesting things. For example, the emergence of Java, Craigslist and even the release of the PlayStation. Although technically the console was released on 3 December 1994, but the mass started to be sold in early 1995.

I didn't Have this console but I was told to forget it even years later is impossible.

People have begun to use the Internet-services, increasing their audience from 5 million in 1994 to 12 million in 1995. And in this year appeared on eBay.

Here's a busy year for the world . You can still remember a lot of things, but this is enough to understand that a year has passed not in vain, and those who took part can be proud of. However, monetary reward they received more than generous.


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