Species of plants and animals, which do not touch


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Species of plants and animals, which do not touch

frog poison-dart lives in Central and South America and is able to kill with his poison to 20 people

In our world there is a huge variety of species and animals that I would like to see and possibly to touch them. That's what has been built zoos and greenhouses, which give the opportunity to meet many representatives of flora and fauna. But there are some types of plants and to which man must not touch under any circumstances, otherwise it is innocent, it would seem that the action can lead to diseases that are difficult to treat and sometimes can even cause death of the person. In this article we will introduce you with such a dangerous species of flora and fauna.

Most poisonous animals and plants of the planet

If you think that the planet was nothing left that could surprise you, you are deeply mistaken in this. So, Dart frog or dendrobates covered with a thin layer of a neurotoxin, which can lead to death within minutes. There were cases that the animals died only touching a place where there were poisonous dendrobates. one frog is enough to kill 10-20 people. Their bright color scares away other animals and obviously not by accident.

poison oak — a fairly common plant in Asia, North and South America. The tree is representative of the kind Toxicodendron that release into the air of the oil, causing severe rashes. Fortunately, oil does not cause death, but can bring a lot of inconvenience and pain, which can last up to several weeks.

Similar properties and the plant is called Water Hemlock, which causes not only headaches, nausea, salivation, but a full depression of the CNS due to the fact that all parts of this plant are poisonous. In Ancient Greece, water Hemlock was used as the official poison poison deadly convicts. There is information what Hemlock was poisoned by the famous Socrates.

Poison Hemlock is so strong that a person can get strong even intoxication by eating the birds that ate the seeds of this plant.

Very common in the temperate latitudes of Russia Elderberry at hit in an organism causes , ranging from nausea and vomiting and ending with coma. All of these extremely unpleasant effects caused by the accumulation of cyanide in the body. In spite of this, this poisonous plant is often used for medicinal purposes. However, if you don't want to meet a plant similar to the elder, then to approach it is not recommended.

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Despite the unusual name, to kiss the insect, called the beetle with a kiss, is not recommended, but on the contrary, you should avoid contact with him. In contact with the person he's capable of , and with it to infect a person with a deadly Chagas disease.

beetle kiss infected with a particular parasite — Trypanosoma cruzi

During defecation beetle on the site of the bite is the infection of human parasite that causes heart problems, and digestive organs. For this reason, you should avoid the “kiss” of this beetle.

Despite the fact that most people do not receive the desire to reach out and touch , Brazilian wandering spider still has a chance to show their extraordinary ability in the case of finding next to him, curious person with a low level of manifestation of the instinct of self-preservation. The venom has a potent neurotoxin, and its behavior is very aggressive, because the spider-the Brazilian sitting on the ground, and prefer active hunting. The bite of this spider death occurs in 2-6 hours due to paralysis of the respiratory center.

Wandering spider-the Brazilian likes to settle in the homes of the people, namely, cabinets and storage boxes

cow parsnip — a plant that can reach 4 meters in height. It is very hardy and can spread rapidly in areas with highly poisonous SAP. If the juice gets to the human, he is able to completely deprive the skin protection from UV rays, which subsequently causes severe because of which rash and huge blisters. And if the Hogweed juice gets into the eye, it appears more likely to go blind.

Ant-bullet — one of the most fearsome enemies in the insect world. With a pair of mandibles that are capable of capturing prey and exert strong pressure, the ant has the advantages in the world of tiny insects.

the Bite of an ant-the bullet causes severe pain, much more than a simple wasp sting

And you are met with the above species of flora and fauna? Share your stories in

In Addition to a painful bite, which the ant can use in case of need of protection, the insect is able to call his relatives for protection. So one bite of an ant-the bullet might entail the attack of a whole colony of thousands of ants.


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