Like clothing could harm your health?


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Like clothing could harm your health?

work wear can be dangerous

Every day in hospitals treated millions of people with a variety of complaints. Most of the reasons for seeking medical attention related to common illnesses , but sometimes patients come in with a very unusual complaint. For example, in one of the Australian hospitals recently came 40-year-old man with a rash on the back, which had formed directly under put his work clothes reflective tape. But really the fabric that protects people from a collision with a car while working the night shift, can cause allergies?

Perhaps some people on reflective fabric can indeed be allergic, but not in this case. Seeing who came to the reception of the patient, the doctor immediately realized that the cause of the rash is severe burns. It turned out that the man was wearing overalls with reflective tape on a Sunny day and it warmed up to such an extent that seared his back. And this despite the fact that the producers of work clothes do not warn about the possibility of burns. However, they may simply not know.

Reflective tape is able to burn the skin

what is done out Of reflective tape?

Reflective fabric is widely used in sewing of garments for road workers, who, during the night shift risk to get under the car . This tape consists of fabric and tiny beads of glass that take the light from traveling on the road of cars and reflect them regardless of what angle the car is. Also reflective tape used by cyclists and just people who often have to walk near roads.

Reflective fabric is used in fashion clothing

the Danger of clothing with reflective tape

Experience the Australian work showed that despite the absence of a ban on the wearing of workwear in the daytime, on Sunny days it is better not to wear. Otherwise, the fabric can attract too much light and heat to such an extent that the body of the carrier will appear severe burns. Australian man, by the way, very lucky — after a few days of treatment he recovered fully. Only, it seems to me, all these days he had to sleep on my stomach because the burn on the back would have hardly allowed him to sleep in a different position.

Interesting stories also happen in the United States — recently there was found

Perhaps, the producers of workwear it's time to warn people about the dangers of wearing reflective things because of the risk of burns. Or do they need to revise the structure of the belts and to eliminate the possibility of excessive heat. Besides, they're more likely to find the clothes place where sunlight does not fall.

do you ever get severe burns? Their stories can be shared in

Since we are talking about unusual medical stories, I want to remind you about the 60 year old woman who accidentally ate too much wasabi. This Japanese seasoning has excessive sharpness and is able to change the speed of blood clotting. On this basis it is not surprising that the woman developed the so-called "broken heart syndrome". To read more about this unusual medical case, and the symptoms of the disease can be .


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