What happens to the body if not to leave the house?


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What happens to the body if not to leave the house?

Scientists suggest to get out more.

Whoever it was that did not, however, spending time at home love all. Lie on the couch, read a book, watch a movie or favorite show. In fact, the options home stop mass, so that your leisure time — only a matter of taste. However, have you ever wondered what happens if you don't leave the house? Imagine that you have not seen for a very long time. Do you think it's dangerous? What health effects you may encounter in this case? Let's try to figure it out.

All the time to sitting at home is dangerous?

No, if you're sitting at home, you will not die. But do not forget that to go outside is good for health. To begin with, we need fresh air, and simple ventilation is not do here. The more time you spend outside, the stronger your immunity and the better the mood. Especially useful . Recently, scientists came to this conclusion after analyzing the mood of social network users .

to read More about the benefits of walking and the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle on .

Going outside, the body also becomes saturated with oxygen. As a result the person feels better and faster on the uptake. And walks help to improve appetite. But that's not all — when we get sunlight from the Sun the body gets a good dose of vitamin D. Most vitamins enter the human body during food intake, but the vitamin D — the only vitamin that the right amount which you can get directly from the Sun. Human skin absorbs vitamin D, but if the sunlight doesn't get to us, the body lacks important nutrients.

by the Way, the sun helps in the treatment of depression and other affective disorders

There are a large number of vitamins, lack of which not only complicates life, but can lead to serious health problems. Not so long ago about the English teenager who lost his eyesight — that the boy suffered from an eating disorder, as a result ate only chips and sandwiches with sausage. Acute vitamin deficiency led to blindness. So your diet should be treated with the utmost seriousness.

Let us discuss with the participants what foods you want to include in your daily diet.

In 2002 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology published a study whose results say that the lack of important vitamins can . Among the essential vitamins, experts distinguish 13, among which is vitamin D. And if 12 other vitamins we can get from food, vitamin D is not so simple. The right amount of vitamin D are virtually impossible to obtain from food. The fact that very few foods contain vitamin D, and in those products in which it is, vitamin D quite a bit.

why we need vitamin D and how to get it?

Due to vitamin D the body can absorb (absorb) calcium and calcium is essential for bone health. Vitamin D protects against the emergence of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Low levels of this vitamin can lead to problems with bones, there are also studies that say about the relationship of vitamin D deficiency with multiple sclerosis and prostate cancer.

be sure about your food

As we have noted, to get vitamin D in sufficient quantities is easiest from the sunlight. Enough to hold in the sun for 10 -15 minutes a day, agree, it is not so difficult. However, if for any reason there is no need to enrich your such as mackerel, herring or salmon. And, of course, do not forget about fish oil, cereals and dairy products.

the dangers of the sun for health

Solar impact has advantages, however, too long exposure to the sun is also harmful for health. Aside from the obvious sunburn, too much natural light can damage cell membranes of the skin and expose to increase the risk of skin cancer. So doctors suggest to take the sun with use of sunscreen.

As you know, in our country, weather conditions are different from the resort, but in the Northern cities, people often lack of sunlight. So the best thing you can do is enter in your diet a fish and have to go outside for at least 15 minutes. Walking improve the mood, nourish the body with oxygen, and sunlight enriches with vitamin D. you will Agree, much nicer to come home and do a hobby or relax after a walk in the fresh air.


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