Is it true that salt is "white death"?


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Is it true that salt is

currently, salt is an indispensable product that is used almost everywhere. However, it was not always

Did you Know that even some 500 years ago, kilograms of salt and kilograms of selected meat cost almost the same? This injustice caused even salt riots around the world, participants of which demanded the reduction of prices of this necessary for the preservation of the white stuff. Meanwhile, the controversy could more or less only to subside with the onset of the XXI century. So is it fair expression of the heroine Lyudmila Gurchenko that "Salt is white death" or is it not?

Where does the salt?

Food or table salt consists of colorless crystals that do not have any smell, but with specific taste. About the taste properties of salt people knew even in ancient times, when it was extracted by burning some deciduous trees. More or less the industrial extraction of sodium chloride appeared on the territory of modern Europe, namely on the black sea coast of Bulgaria. Then salt was extracted from the on-site settlement of Provadia-Sonicate natural source by evaporation. Currently, salt is produced in discovered deposits of sodium chloride in place of dried ancient seas.

a Salt cave in Poland

the Benefits and harms of salt

Modern man may seem very difficult to imagine an ordinary life without the presence of salt. In addition, ions of sodium, in large quantities contained in the crystals of sodium chloride, is an essential element for the normal functioning of the human body. So, sodium helps to normalize the water balance in the human body, involved in the process of muscle contraction, and normalizes metabolism.

Can you imagine life without salt? Let's try to discuss this question in or

However, excessive use of salt threatens us, first and foremost, development , among which are atherosclerosis. In addition, do not attempt to eat at a time more than 250 grams of sodium chloride, as even this small dose is fatal to humans.

250 grams of salt eaten over time, can lead to the death of an organism

The death of the body can lead to not only excessive consumption of salt, but also a complete rejection of it. In the absence in the blood of ions of sodium, the person falls into a condition called hyponatremia. It's a nasty disease develops due to a wrong mode of drinking. In other words, you can die by drinking in one gulp too much water. Incidentally, the lethal dose of any liquid is the volume of 7.5 liters. A similar record was set in result of a fatal accident in 2007, Jennifer Strange, who died in a one-time ingestion of large amounts of fluid.


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