Why do wolves howl at the moon?


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Why do wolves howl at the moon?

the Wolves of old were attributed to the fantastic ability that supposedly open them during a full moon

Since ancient times it was believed that the most bloodthirsty predators of the forest — the wolves — have a special and inexplicable connection with our nocturnal luminary. Hearing wolves howling in the distance, our ancestors tried as quickly as possible to leave the territory of the formidable forest denizen, which was attributed to even the relationship with a fantastic werewolf. So why do wolves howl at ? What is it they are attracted to?

talking About the howling wolf to the moon?

Despite the fantastic tales about wolves turning into werewolves at full moon, in reality it may be much more prosaic. Zoologists believe that, as such, has absolutely no effect on the behavior of these animals. Observations have shown that wolves not only howl at the moon, but also on the cloud-Laden sky, in rain and in General in all States of nature, which reduces shade dark romance, for centuries surrounding these in the smartest members of the family Canidae.

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Due to the fact that animals are nocturnal, howling can serve as a language of communication through which wolves share important information. Tone such method of communication allows you to warn the relatives about the impending danger of becoming the call sign when leaving for the night hunt, or even an indication that a pair of wolves appeared offspring.

With the help of the howling wolves are able to alert relatives of danger or the approach of man

how do you feel about wolves? Feel a reverent admiration for these forest creatures or prefer to watch them from afar somewhere in the zoo? Let's try to discuss this issue in

How to communicate with animals

By the Way, not only the wolves howl successfully used as an effective communication tool. I think many of you know firsthand that such Pets as dogs love to practice this method and conventional homes. Due to the fact that people tend to invent all kinds of signs on a particular occasion (and sometimes without it), the sudden barking of the dogs also had to acquire a whole bunch of superstitions. So, since ancient times, the howl of a domestic dog was associated with the presence of evil forces or was a harbinger of any unpleasant events.

don't rush to pack your bags if you suddenly hear the night dog barking. Perhaps your dog just wanted to socialise with other dogs.

Although the myth that wolves howl at the moon, was fully debunked, the small truth is that satellite of our planet is able to have some effect on , still there. Due to the fact that the nights during a full moon are much brighter than the moon, night predators during this period it becomes much easier to hunt than they inform their fellow loud howl.


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