Whether soy is so harmful as to talk about it?


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Whether soy is so harmful as to talk about it?

Despite the fact that soy belongs to the legume family, you can cook even meat.

Soy is one of the most popular products in the world. Although soy products have appeared in European countries only about 60 years ago, Asian countries consume this plant of the legume family for many thousands of years. Despite this historical and gastronomical fact, at the present time there are more and more scientific studies proving that soy is not so useful for humans, as it may seem.

is it good to eat soy?

A great number of products made from soy, can be seen on the shelves of any modern shop. Supermarkets are literally overflowing with soy milk, soy sauces, soy flour, beans and even soy meat. Because of the huge amount of vegetable protein soy became so popular in the diet of vegetarians. In addition, the proponents of the plant believe that regular consumption of soy products may even protect against cancer and other serious diseases. Well, it's no wonder. The fact that soybeans contain not only plant protein but also b vitamins, iron, calcium and zinc. What is not a storehouse of vitamins?

However, not all so perfect as it might seem.

The Opponents of the use of soy products argue that due to the fact that soy contains a large amount of isoflavones, which act on the human body like or female sex hormone, soy prevents and causes cancer. So, the increased level of estrogen in the female body can lead to the growth of certain types of breast cancer.

You May be wondering: what is the difference between green olives and black olives? ?

In order to test whether the benefits of eating soy overpowers all arguments against, the researchers conducted a survey among the population and Asian and European countries. The results of the study showed that despite the active use of soy products in Asian countries, the local women get cancer on average 30 % less than in Europe. In addition, consumption of soy affects the very course of the disease. According to the survey, the mortality rate among cancer patients is greatly reduced it was during the use of products containing soy in its composition.

Soy contains a huge amount of protein, calcium, zinc and dietary fiber

How Often do you consume soy? Do you consider it useful? Write about it , let's try to discuss this pressing issue.

According to the study, the greatest success of soya has shown in the treatment of breast cancer women who suffered from hormone-receptor-negative breast cancer. This dangerous disease is considered the most aggressive type , where tumors do not have estrogen receptors and progesterone, and therefore do not respond well to hormonal therapy.

In addition, laboratory experiments have shown that the isoflavone has the ability to act like estrogen, but as it is the opposite. When we eat soy, isoflavone contact with the alpha estrogen receptor, which leads to the development and growth of the tumor. However, at the same time, the isoflavone may not apply to estrogen, and beta receptors, which, in turn, can slow the growth of cancer cells.

Can soy to cure cancer?

Bruce Trok, Professor of epidemiology and Oncology at the Medical school of John Hopkins University in Maryland , believes that the impact of soy on the risk of cancer is highly dependent on when we begin to consume it in your diet.

Most of the research in Asian countries were held with the women who ate soy in early childhood, whereas women of European countries mostly began to incorporate soy in your diet recently. Based on this, we can conclude that at the beginning of the use of soy products at an early age, the risk of developing complicated forms of cancer is significantly reduced.


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