Little known facts about kamikaze


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Little known facts about kamikaze

We've All heard about people like kamikaze. People wanting to try their hand at this business was not, after all, his own people they were heroes, and the enemy terrified. What else was connected to the mass of such phenomena, what kind of imprint it leaves on the modern inhabitants of island States, and some manufacturers have attached to their hands? In this article we will talk about other suicide bombers — . Not all heard about them, but this page was also in the book the history of Japan.

First of all, you should understand how at all, as they say, the Shoe pinches and what the hell means death for the benefit of others.

Even now Japan leads the ranking of countries by number of suicides per capita. In the culture and teachings of the Japanese suicide has always been considered something different than in other cultures. Especially if it is associated with victory in battle or in order not to be captured by the enemy. Even the well-known word ”harakiri” also refers to the Japanese culture and is an integral part of Bushido.

Bushido (the Japanese ”way of the warrior”) the samurai code, a set of rules, recommendations and standards of conduct of a true warrior in society, in the battle and alone, military men philosophy and morality, rooted in antiquity. Was originally a set of General rules of a warrior, but later fused with the culture of the samurai and became a samurai code of rules of ethics.

Who are suicide bombers

I Think very few people will have to explain that the term ”kamikaze” was mainly applied in military pilots of world war II. They died for their country, but there is one “but” — they had no right to survive after the fight. There were exceptions and we will discuss them below, but the exceptions only prove the rule.

a Squad of suicide bombers before a combat mission (all satisfied)

the term ”kamikaze” originated in 1281, when a sudden gust of the hurricane allowed us to defeat troops of Khan Chebula. The hurricane was called ”Divine wind”, which translated means ”kamikaze”. That is why this name was chosen for the units that were supposed to destroy American ships during the second world war.

looked Like a kamikaze

Overall, kamikaze looks a little different from the usual Japanese military pilots of that era. The main difference was the headband with the image of the flag and characters.

As a rule, wrote two characters, namely ”Kami” (Japanese reading ”Jin”) and ”Kaze”. Accordingly, the same ”Divine wind”. But there were exceptions, when pilots wrote in their dressing that they come to mind at the moment of their emotional Patriotic enthusiasm.

causes of kamikaze

One of the main reasons for the emergence of suicide bombers is a weak technical equipment of the air force. The planes were of average quality, often broke and had outstanding flight characteristics. All this prevented a full-fledged pilots to go on missions and return with them.

To Develop new types of aircraft, there was no time, and to increase the output of existing with an even greater number of defects (due to the acceleration of production and economy) was quite real. Skimped on everything. For example, the model Nakajima Ki-115 Tsurugi was not even the chassis. The plane rolled down the runway on the racks, which then remained on the ground. For the landing gear were not needed, so the truck was put into another plane and the takeoff of repeated.

the Aircraft Nakajima Ki-115 Tsurugi (front gear fell off during takeoff, the rear is not at all)

In the background that give life for the homeland for the Japanese has always been honorable, and that this idea was further cultivated by the leadership of the country began to emerge thoughts about a new type of warriors. So, on the basis of the first air fleet of Japan was formed squads of suicide pilots.

For recruitment of volunteers, the Japanese crumbled invitation to the ranks of suicide bombers, which it was impossible not to accept. The fact that the invitation in question was formed in such a way that a negative answer meant the confession of cowardice. For the Japanese, this is unacceptable.

The Japanese know how to develop technology:

The Third factor in the appearance of the kamikaze was an additional psychological advantage in battle. The appearance of the aircraft, which flew with a full bomb load and crashed into ships, exerted very strong pressure on the enemy and demoralize him.

it looked like an attack on the warships of the enemy.

As he took in kamikaze

As I see it very much, and in the military queues of people willing to give their lives for the Motherland, and at the same time to receive the glory and honor, they were presented with certain requirements, and not all were equi. In addition to the basic requirements that are needed to control the aircraft, the Challenger had no family. It was a condition.

In history was the case when Hajime Fuji really wanted to get in the squad ”divine wind”, but he had a wife and two children. On this basis he refused. Without hesitation, the wife decided to kill the kids and herself that the husband was able to perform the feat. It looks a little creepy, but that's what was built into the work of suicide bombers. This dispels a little of their romance.

After potential suicide bombers took to the party, he had to undergo training. To call it complicated and longimpossible, as he needed only the basic skills of aircraft control, and some . Of course, current pilots been easier.

Interesting facts about kamikaze

Kamikaze could not return, as fuel in their tanks was just to target. Plus the goals were very far away. This was an advantage, leveling the shortcomings of the aircraft. Japanese aircraft of the time could not fly far. If they had to return to base, the flight time was reduced at least twice. Instead, they flew far, fulfilled his mission and did not return.

Of Course, to fulfill the mission it doesn't always work, as most of the planes brought down the enemy ships, but their part was still flushed. Japan and the United States publish different data, however, the account of the sunken ships were dozens, and badly damaged — in the hundreds.

As I said above, the pilots could not come back from a mission, but they didn't do it. There were cases when after departure the pilot had his mind to die, but that was the exception. Despite the ban on the return of the regular flight, it does not contradict the duty of the pilot to return in case of impossibility of execution of the job. For example, bad weather, technical malfunction and the like.

The Record holder in this respect was the pilot Yamamura, who three times came back from a mission alive. First, his plane was shot down, but was saved by fishermen, and he returned to base. During the second flight it was prevented by weather conditions and the inability to normally bring the aircraft to the target. The third flight ended with a technical fault, and he again had to return. So the pilot, who yearned to give his life for his people, survived the war and lived for many more years. You can say, ”winner in life”.

Who built kamikaze planes

The Aircraft, which were used for lethal battering rams, built several factories in Japan. As a rule, they had a sort of unified design that allows you to install different engines with power ranging from 800 HP to 1300 HP.

Among the major manufacturers can be called such as Nakajima and Yokosuka. In addition, attacks were often used planes fully functioning light. Now she is known primarily for its motorcycles, but in those days they made aircraft, which are very useful to the Japanese in the war. If you have heard about the above companies, write about it .

By the Way, in many respects, therefore, Japanese motorcycles and automobiles now are considered the best in the world. After the war, Japan had no right to produce military aircraft and many manufacturers switched to the goods for peaceful purposes, directing all their energies, resources, experience and hard work in this sector. But that's a topic for another article.

kamikaze Submarine

While the deadly vortex kamikaze (or divine wind) flew to enemy ships from the air, something no less terrible was happening under water. Suicide bombers work in special submarines that were more torpedoes than do deep-water submersibles.

The Beginning of these wars was the battle near the midway Atoll near Hawaii. They turned the most serious battle in that part of the globe in the second world war. The Imperial army lost 4 carriers, a lot of warships and the number of personnel, sufficient to undermine the morale of the survivors.

The Fleet was in need of new soldiers, with a spark in his eyes, with a firm hand and are not afraid of death. They were, and especially for them were developed by those same submarines called Kaiten (translated from Japanese — ”heaven's will”).

What is a kite

Keitany was a small boat with torpedoes attached to the submarine vehicle. The total number of such ”stuck” was from 4 to 6. Large submarine cruised under the water and at the right moment the captain has commanded the special people that the narrow tube was slipped inside the kaiten, took place and set out in the last attack.

the descent of the kite on the water

It is worth noting that at first they were equipped with ejection system, but later it was refused, and the place was so small that even the man inside was crowded. Largely because of this, the gun often did not make it to the goal. The man just gasped and kaiten sank. In later models they were supplied with timers so they somehow exploded.

The Office was difficult, and to train the personnel was nowhere. School appeared spontaneously and often almost immediately destroyed by the American bombers. In addition, ”” acted almost blindly. Raise the periscope it was possible for a maximum of three seconds to the boat it was impossible to detect. Therefore, the kaiten was driven almost blindly.

Manage kitana were primitive. By and large there were only two handles, one of which was responsible for the speed, and the second — for the rotation. At his feet was a lever that allowed the compartments to the dispensing of water to compensate for buoyancy.

appearance kaiten

Worked keitany on pure oxygen. These engines allow you to accelerate to 40 knots. This was more than enough to defeat any ship of the time and increase the effect of the explosion. The downside of the design was that made the boat was of steel with a thickness of only 6 mm. This thickness was selected because of the savings but after a few raids keitany started to rust, and after a deep dive they couldflattening.

the fate of the kamikaze

Needless to say that with modern technology, to put in her suicide makes no sense. To learn the pilot need to spend a few years and a lot of money, so every pilot on the weight of the gold. Missiles can hit any target, and ethical standards of the modern world don't let you just sacrifice people.

That is why kamikaze is now no. Although, such a profession exists. This suggests that many Japanese people are still willing to give their lives for their country. Against the background of all events in the blood of the Japanese left attitude to death, which I mentioned in the beginning of this article. It leads to a sad statistics and a large number of suicides in Japan. Not the most positive note on which to end the article. But the subject is not rosy. It is only by the suicide bombers seem romantic, the reality was different.


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