Bears were more likely to attack people. What is the reason?


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Bears were more likely to attack people. What is the reason?

Brown bear is one of the largest predators on Earth

Scientists estimate that today there are about 200,000 brown bears. Basically, they lead a rather peaceful life away from humans, but if you run into one of these giants walking through the woods alone . Recently in the scientific journal Scientific Reports published the results of a study in which scientists have recorded an increased number of brown bear attacks on people. In increased aggression toed predators, as in , were the fault of the people.

Increasing the number of brown bear attacks on people have become known through the study of statistics from 2000 to 2015. During this period of time was recorded 664 cases when people became victims of flattering people. Predators actively attack people until now — recently, the grizzly bear, which is one of the American subspecies of the brown bear attacked a French Explorer, came to the woods to record nature sounds. He was ripped night in his tent, and such horror stories happen in different parts of the world.

Why is bear attack on human?

According to scientists, the bears began to frequently attack people because of their population growth. The number of people in the world is also constantly growing, and most of us can afford to buy a country house near the forest. It turns out that more and more people begin to live side by side with him, who can't stand uninvited neighbors. As a result, during a single walking people are the victims of angry owners dense forests.

Brown bears often attack people walking alone

According to scientists, each year the bears do about 40 attacks. Most of the attacks over the past 15 years occurred in Romania, the scientists calculated, about 131 cases of clashes between bears and humans, some of which proved fatal to the latter. Most victims were adults walking through the woods alone in the daytime. As a rule, people faced the bears, who led his cubs for a walk. That they attacked people is not surprising — after all, mother will always protect their children!

This is interesting:

Where do most bears live?

In fact, most attacks by bears on humans recorded in Romania, too, is not surprising. The fact that in the 1960-ies of the last century, former President Nicolae Ceausescu destroyed the local village and shot a disgruntled peasants. This led to the fact that due to the lack of hunters brown bears began to actively proliferate and still live close to human settlements. After the execution of Nicolae Ceausescu, bears were allowed to hunt, but in 2016 it was banned again. Bear attacks on people is still going on and most of their victims are shepherds.

Nicolae Ceausescu liked to hunt bear, but his aides had previously drugged animals a sedative.

In Addition to Romania, bears are committing atrocities on the territory of Russia, where for 15 years, they made 111 attacks. According to statistics, in our country their number is more than 120 000 individuals. The number of attacks is less than in Romania, due to the larger area of our country and the remoteness of forests from residential areas.

Maybe you have stories related to encounters with bears? Share them , we would be grateful!

How to escape from a bear?

After Examining the data on attacks on brown bears, the researchers found that to protect yourself from a meeting with brown bears walking through the woods in a big company. Statistics have shown that seeing a large crowd of people, bears often try to distance myself from the company and do not dare to attack. In General, for greater security it is better to stay away from forests where bears live.

If no hike in the forest is not enough, you should be armed with a spray to scare away wild animals. Manufacturers claim that their funds effectively help to deter many dangerous animals, and bears. The composition of these funds, usually composed of plant substances with extremely unpleasant for the animal smell. Most often the main part of the spray is an extract of red pepper.


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