The us Navy will receive in 2021 destroyer with a very powerful laser gun


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Naval forces of the United States are going to equip by 2021, one of their ships a powerful laser weapon. The installation, dubbed the High Energy Laser with Integrated Optical-dazzler and Surveillance (HELIOS), as reported by Popular Mechanics is a defensive system designed to destroy small boats and drones. According to available information, the HELIOS are going to install on one of the destroyers, which would serve in the Pacific.

The order for the laser at HELIOS, the US Navy was placed in January of this year. The contract signed with the developer company Lockheed Martin, at a cost to the military Department at $ 150 million. Will supply the two systems. As indicated in the press release to a private company, one of them will go to the landfill in new Mexico for testing. Another set going to the destroyer of the "Arleigh Burke".

"Project HELIOS is the first of its kind, because it combines laser weapons, the possibility of operational intelligence at far distances, and the ability to counter unmanned aerial vehicles. All this greatly improves situational awareness and the protection of US Navy ships. We are very proud that the Pentagon has entrusted Lockheed Martin to create such weapons systems", — said the American military-industrial corporations at the time of signing the contract.

HELIOS is a 60-kilowatt military laser system in a new type. It has almost twice more power compared to the systems that were tested, the U.S. Navy informed. For example, the same complex Laser Weapon System (LaWS), which in 2014 was installed on the destroyer USS Ponce. Recall that the unit capacity LaWS is 30 kW. At that time it was believed that it will be quite sufficient for the destruction of boats and drones.

Laser gun LaWS

During previous testing LaWS could destroy an unmanned aerial vehicle. Wing UAV almost instantly warmed up, then collapsed. The captain of the ship USS Ponce Christopher wells, on Board of which were tested, said that the laser gun works "rather than a bullet". He called him a versatile weapon that can be used against a variety of purposes.

According to experts, HELIOS power will be enough not only for the destruction of very small targets, but for hitting small ships, which in theory could give the U.S. Navy a fundamentally new advantage in the water. However, for this revolution is the weapon must pass all stages of testing, to prove its combat effectiveness in different conditions and become a mass.

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