Fish and bees learned to communicate with robots-interpreters


2019-03-22 12:45:08




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It's hard To believe, but two completely different species of fish and bees, learned to communicate with each other. Of course, this too loudly, but they really can share information with each other about their actions. It became possible thanks to the robot-interpreters that are embedded in each of the two groups, they analyze the actions of others creatures share this information with each other and cause the pack to repeat their actions.

The Project was launched robotics group, EPFL, which creates robots that can infiltrate a pack of animals and influence their behavior. In 2017, she presented the robotic fish that are so realistic that "relatives" think of her as their leader and trustingly follow. Two years later, the team assembled a robotic system that is able to manipulate a swarm of bees.

In the case of fish, the manipulation is performed by means of movements of the tail and vibration. Bees can be controlled via air vibrations and temperature, and with this new system copes. Each robot is able to capture the movement of the flocks and to inform the ally of another group, at a distance of 700 kilometers.

We have created an unprecedented bridge between the two species, which allowed them to share information about their actions. They have even started to adopt some of the characteristics of each other. Bees were a little more restless and less inclined to kuchkovanie, and Pisces on the contrary, began to get together more often.

Frank bonnet, one of the authors of the study

To prove the possibility of communication between two species, scientists conducted an experiment. Bees was released on a platform with two robotic terminals, and the fish swam in an annular pool. It was expected that when the robotic fish will lead your group in swimming counterclockwise, bees will gather into a pile at one of the terminals. It was chaotic, but after 25 minutes the researchers succeeded — all the fish started to swim in one direction, and the bees gathered in one place.

It is believed that such robotic translators will allow people to manage flocks of animals. For example, you can force the birds to fly away from airports, and bees to pollinate plants only in certain areas. Technology indeed has a great future and she is already showing great results.

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