The story of the escape of the largest Mayan cities of the past


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The story of the escape of the largest Mayan cities of the past

the Mayans looked like this

Guatemala is a country in Central America, which is famous for its abundance of volcanoes and tropical forests. Thousands of years ago on its territory were located the mysterious city of the Maya civilization, whose representatives came up with the foundations of mathematics, invented writing and made many important discoveries. One of the largest cities of this nation were Tikal, whose population was more than 100 thousand people. This huge settlement was built many pyramids, temples and houses, but one day all the inhabitants of this city began to flee from their homes. For a long time scientists couldn't figure out the reason for this sudden flight, but recently American scientists found evidence that at some period of time to live in this city has become impossible. And the reason for this was the poisoned water, which caused sickness and even death.

Ancient Mayan city

Scientific work in the ancient city dates back to 1848. The researchers were able to find hundreds of stone structures, some of which remain unexcavated even today. The city is truly huge — according to calculations of scientists, the houses occupy an area of about 60 square kilometers. The Maya people were built , which were extracted directly in the city. After the extraction of rocks on earth has remained deep pits which were later used to supply the inhabitants with water.

Guatemala on the world map

Toxic water

During one of the scientific papers, the researchers decided to study the chemical composition of the walls 10 of the water tanks located in the vicinity of the ancient city. Probably, they were very surprised, when the samples of mud were found the remains harmful to human body substances. In particular, they have found traces of blue-green algae Planktothrix and Microcystis, which can enter the body and cause skin irritation, nausea, liver pain and other troubles.

Typically, blue-green algae are actively developing during droughts. And scientists are already suggesting that people fled the city just after the dry period. According to one of the study's authors, Kenneth Tankersley (Kenneth Tankersley), the water in the reservoirs probably started to look dirty and found the taste awful. No one would drink this water, and it could be everywhere. People had to massively flee the city — is not to die from dehydration?

Buildings in Tikal

the dangers of mercury

According to research , scientists have discovered another dangerous substance in the tank — mercury. First, the researchers believed that this poisonous metal got into the tank along with volcanic ash. But then it dawned on me that the source of the mercury could be residents of the city. The fact that they were actively painting murals — paintings applied to wet plaster. And the paint they were made of cinnabar, which is considered one of the most common mercury minerals.

Most Likely, the Mayans knew that mercury is poisonous to the human body substance. It may even be that they treated paints with extreme caution and avoid its contact with skin. But they hardly took into account that during the rainy part of the paint washed off and into water tanks. Without knowing it, they could have many years to drink the poisoned water and thus cause his health irreparable harm. And if to consider the emergence in the water of toxic algae, the matter could come before the outbreak of some serious disease. No one wanted to die, so people decided to leave their homes and seek a more habitable place.

Giant stone heads from the Monte Alto is a work of art Maya

And where exactly fled, the inhabitants of the city, is not clear. Perhaps some of them moved to the ancient city called Quirigua, which is also located on the territory of modern Guatemala. Only here there is evidence that around the time hard times in Tikal, the city also disintegrated. Why this happened, scientists still also unknown. The study of the city started in 1840 and the scientists have managed to find many interesting artifacts. The most interesting of them, perhaps, are the sculptures of mythical beasts.

History of the Mayan civilization is full of mysteries, and at the moment scientists do not even know why she disappeared. To understand this issue recently tried my colleague Love Sokovikova — recommend .


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