How long can lightning reach?


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How long can lightning reach?

once upon a time it was believed that lightning was the work of angry gods

Every summer we a few times it is possible to observe slightly scary, but very fascinating phenomenon — storms, accompanied by thunder and lightning. Electrical discharges which are emitted by storm clouds, attracted the attention of many photographers, but flash very quickly disappear after the appearance. On average, people with cameras is merely 025 seconds to make a beautiful frame. However, in history there are few substantiated cases, when the lightning overcame a very great distance and flash from them lasted a relatively long time. Recently, representatives of the world meteorological organization (WMO) said that they managed to set new records for length and duration of lightning. The figures, without exaggeration, are impressive.

Extreme natural phenomena

On the longest zip told my colleague Artem Sutyagin in the article about electrical discharges in the sky. The longest zip was recorded by scientists on the territory of the Alps is a very long and high mountain range which lies entirely in Europe. According to observers of weather phenomena, August 30, 2012, one of lightning faded throughout of 7.74 seconds. But the longest lightning was observed on 20 June 2007 in the U.S. — its length was 321 miles.

somewhere here in the Alps, was recorded the longest zip

Meteorological satellites

But we all know that technology is not treading water. Constantly improving not only smartphones and other electronics, but all kinds of equipment for tracking natural phenomena. Today, for the observation of lightning used by satellites like GOES-R, which is equipped with a cartographer lightning. The main task of this tool is to continuously collect information about the frequency and duration of outbreaks, which are caused by electric charges in the Earth's atmosphere. It is able to notice flashes day and night, regardless of the density of the clouds.

Satellite GOES-R

Also for tracking the zips used by Chinese satellites Fengyun, which can be translated as "Wind and cloud". These devices are better known under the abbreviation FY and launched into orbit our planet since 1988. Thanks to collected data, these and similar satellites to help humanity to predict natural disasters and prevent their devastating consequences.

Satellite "Fengyun"

New records

Now, humanity has great tools for detecting long zips. Recently meteorologists that the above mentioned records of the length and the length of the zips for two years as updated. The longest zip now considered the electric discharge that occurred on 31 October 2018 — it stretches from the Atlantic ocean, passed through the territory of Brazil and reached Argentina. Length zipper made 709 kilometers, and it is twice more than the previous record. Nature knows how to surprise!

on Top shows the long zipper, and just below — the long

But the a record for the length of the zipper was broken on March 4, 2019, in Argentina. Then, during a thunderstorm, there was lightning, which lasted for 16,73 seconds. This is also impressive because the previous indicator was twice less. About whether the consequences from the strikes of lightning, no one knows. It is hoped that this is just harmless records of the nature and during the installation no one was hurt.

According to Randall Cherven (Randall Cerveny), who is the chief of the WMO Rapporteur on extreme events, this news proves which records power of nature and how scientists can to fix them. In his opinion, if the technology continues to improve, they will be able to tell the world about more amazing natural phenomena.

My colleague Artem Sutyagin is another interesting article, in which he enumerated . Here you could assume that the temperature of lightning reaches 30,000 degrees Celsius, which is 5 times hotter than the surface of the Sun. I had no idea, so I recommend to read to all without exception. Perhaps there is a thunderstorm coming, and you will be able to tell their friends a lot.


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