The doctor is powerless: an unusual disease of animals


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The doctor is powerless: an unusual disease of animals

Leper Armadillo

So live decide important issues, but at home looking at the cat and thinking about how he was lucky in my life — lies does nothing, and it is for love. Jealous! But make no mistake, cats have no strange diseases. But there are a few animals whose diseases: a) weird, b) interesting to study. And though the human body does not completely match with any of the presented animals, the mechanism of appearance and «self-medication» our smaller brothers can help in finding cures for many diseases.

Leprosy from armadillos

Honey ball, straight armored hedgehog

Previously it was thought that leprosy only sick people, but recently the situation has changed. At the moment scientists know that leprosy still rooting armadillos and British whites. the Leprosy from battleships gives the necessary ground for research scientists on the example of battleships, you can study how leprosy spreads through the body and what is going on in your body. The bacteria of leprosy or leprosy do not like heat, that's why armadillos in his bosom feel very comfortable. There is a version that armadillos infected with the Europeans, because sick animals identified the exact strain of the pathogen, which brought the followers of Columbus.

We, of course, not Columbus, but try to discover something new every day, so we offer you to subscribe .

Constant headache

Ready for a new portion of the electrodes.

The Record for headaches — trachemys. Surprisingly, the data from our brain study including water turtles. Many years they remain a popular target for electroencephalogram (EEG). Due to the fact that feathers, wool and other disturbing elements on the head of a turtle no, the electrodes are mounted very conveniently and is not down. Thanks to the turtles studying sleep and its disorders, seizures and headaches just.

Autism in bees

One in the hive not a warrior

And, no, this is not the regular cheap American Comedy. After Leo Kanner with Hans Asperger's opened autism, this question began to be studied. If you believe new data about honeybees in the hives there are individuals who can be very withdrawn and uncommunicative. Interestingly, the data bee-autistic almost not involved in the life of the hive, not in contact with strangers and don't feed the Queen — as if they are abstracted from the hive. In the study of these individuals revealed that they have genes similar to human, and this is really strange, because the brain of insects is totally different from the human brain. This aspect helps to study autism with an unusual angle and, for example, to find .

If to speak about statistics, it is surprising that in General the stereotypical hard-working it turned out that such strange bees with autism, about 14% of all working individuals in all hives.

Feature puffer fish

Vegetarian, but very poisonous.

Brown puffer, also called fugu fish is actually not only an exotic dish. A fish gene similar to 6% with the human, but unusually have a puffer fish in almost as many genes as we do — 20.000. And another 22 pairs of chromosomes compared to 23 — in humans, but there is one exception: garbage DNA that doesn't code for proteins, much smaller. For this reason, fugu is interesting for comparative genetics. As mammals and fish are in close relationships, studying a Fugue, it is possible to handle many similar issues, but related to the human body.

Voracity snakes

Wise Ka, it turns out that high-calorie diet.

«Guts» — so you can say about anyone, except about Python. His diet is hardly healthy, because in one sitting Piton can get tens of thousands of kilocalories. As a result, glucose spikes, and the pancreas and kidneys creates a tremendous burden. What is interesting for a person?

But than: the same load is experiencing the human body when it is tightly dines fast food. Scientists have learned that, for this reason, the example of a Python trying to figure out how the heart and the digestive and the excretory system to cope with abrupt and irregular flow of energy.

Yes, reptiles there are tricks which allow them to devour several thousand calories in a sitting and maintain healthy blood vessels. But if we can't develop in Python, we can examine some of the mechanisms that will help us cope with diabetes or other digestive problems.


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