Why people will never be able to domesticate octopuses?


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Why people will never be able to domesticate octopuses?

Octopus is able to affect the environment

Human History is largely connected with the event that occurred tens of thousands years ago — the domestication of animals, which have become not only assistants and Pets, but also food. But while cows and sheep have adapted well to breeding in farm conditions, there is one animal that for some reasons does not make the content farms. So, the octopus, considered a delicacy in many countries, not only has intelligence, but even able to influence the environment.

Why we can't domesticate octopuses?

According to an article published on the portal , every day the global demand for octopus is growing, however, due to the fact that at the present time there are special farms for growing these creatures, offer may not cover the demand. In order to solve this problem, in many countries of the world conduct experiments in genetic modifications of cephalopods, which can lead to certain environmental consequences. However, the creation of a full-fledged farm octopus will entail environmental pollution with nitrogen and phosphorus, which can cause massive spread of disease among the marine flora and fauna, but also its terrestrial representatives.

However, the biggest may be the diet of octopuses. Due to the fact that these animals need lots of protein and oil (one medium octopus consumes a daily diet of this fish, which is equivalent to three times the body mass), production of required quantity of fish flour will create an unbearable burden for the survival of wild fish and other invertebrates in their natural habitat.

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However, even if the problem of the diet of octopus would be solved, the content of these living organisms would be extremely inhumane idea. The fact that cephalopods differ from other living beings on our planet with its unique intelligence and skills to solve complex problems. That octopus are able to get to know people, solve puzzles, open jars and even escape from aquariums. In addition, animals are able to fall into an alarming state and in case of a prolonged stay in captivity, which is expressed in the tips of eating their own tentacles, and even cannibalism.

Octopuses are recognized as real intellectuals of the underwater world

Researchers believe that the octopus it is important to investigate, control and manipulate its environment that gives people the opportunity to ponder the high level of intellectual organization of these sea creatures.

what do you think, could it be the humane content of octopus and other creatures with advanced intelligence in captivity? Share your opinion with like-minded people in

Despite the fact that the presence of intelligence in octopuses is already a proven scientific fact, experiments on the cultivation of the octopus moving forward around the world. Well-known Japanese company has announced the successful conclusion of eggs in captivity in 2017, showing promise of growing octopus on the mass market in the coming years. In contrast to farmers, scientists are actively promoting the ban on investment in the farming of octopus, offering a focus of mankind for the attainment of humane methods of production of food of the future.



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