Why a Chinese scientist created the first genetically modified children put behind bars?


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Why a Chinese scientist created the first genetically modified children put behind bars?

Chinese scientist who first created the children of GMOs, was jailed for three years

Genetic engineering — one of the most modern areas of science, and its improvement provides a unique opportunity to work with human DNA. So, scientists today are able to turn off certain genes, creating new methods of cancer treatment, reproducing new species of animals and helping people suffering from infertility to finally have a child. However, when the end of 2018, a scientist from China has managed to change the genome at the embryo stage two developing children, this event provoked great resonance in society. Thanks , the scientist turned off the specific gene, resulting in children born healthy from a sick HIV-positive father. As it turned out, in the end of 2019, the scientist was arrested and forbidden to engage in scientific activities. Why? Let's try to understand in this article.

Why the CRISPR technology is condemned in society?

According to an article published on the portal , government officials from China have confirmed the information that the scientist Hae Cisangkuy was taken into custody because of his illegal experiments in genetic engineering, advanced and fined him three million yuan (about 27 million) for the work of which scientist said at the International summit on human. At the summit, the scientist shared the results of his extraordinary experiment in which twin girls were born more . Thanks to the editor of the genome , the scientist turned off the CCR5 gene, which is responsible for inflammatory reactions in the body and also plays a significant role in the immune response of the whole organism.

This statement has caused great discord in society that provoked the dismissal of a scientist from his post, which then was placed under house arrest during the investigation.

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In Addition to the scientist, placed into custody and two of his assistants in this experiment. The court stated that all three of them deliberately broke the laws concerning , and also admitted their actions “the pursuit of personal fame and profit”.

twin Girls were born perfectly healthy, despite the serious disease of HIV-infected father

A Scientist who told him about the experiment, published the results of their research. Experts assessing this work, said that she is “crazy and outrageous” because of lack of laboratory experiments that would clearly show how he worked editing the genome before implantation of the embryos to the woman.

Scientists have found that the gene CCR5, which has been disconnected from twin girls, is associated with exposure to HIV in human blood. Because the potential long-term consequences of editing the human genome is still unknown, the actions of the scientist officially recognized as unethical and dangerous in a number of countries, including for a scientist in his native China.

Justified the actions of the Chinese scientific and does he deserve jail time? Share your opinion with like-minded people in

Experts also believe that he Cisangkuy reacted to the project is too arrogant, with the result that the editing area now, genes will be considered not serious enough in the public consciousness. However, despite the conclusion of researchers into custody, already well advanced in medicine, because with it, scientists can develop methods of treatment of sickle anemia and beta-thalassemia.


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