How swimming affects the brain?


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How swimming affects the brain?

Swimming is more useful than you thought

As you know, water is essential to human survival, but not only that its use gives us an advantage. Swimming is useful not only for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and overall health, but also for the brain. In Greece and Rome was part of military training, and was a dominant factor in the social strata of the population. The Egyptians swimming was part of the educational program. In fact, the importance of the therapeutic properties of water is reflected in the ancient hieroglyphics. But what is the effect on the body and brain is swimming?

How swimming became a sport?

People went swimming in the course of its history, but everything changed in the middle ages. It was then in Europe, spread the idea that water is and that even stay in it, can lead to epidemics. Only in the late 18th century, swimming was recognized as a competitive sport. The first organization of this type appeared in Britain in 1837 under the name "National society of the road". And in 1908 founded the international swimming Federation (FINA). the Federation consisted mainly in organizing this sport in the periodic organization of events and competitions that are held still.

The Physical benefits of swimming are obvious. What is the famous «body of a swimmer». However, there is one characteristic that I have which most swimmers (both professionals and Amateurs): brain health. In addition, in 2017 published the results about the benefits of swimming for human health. So, the scientists found that swimming reduces the risk of premature death by as much as 28% and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 41%. In this article we consider the most outstanding advantages that swimming has on the brain. Go!

Swimming helps to restore damaged neurons

It's No secret that physical activity generally has a positive effect on the brain. However, the benefits of swimming and other aerobic exercise improve brain function and help repair damaged neurons.

Damaged nerve cells of the brain are restored with swimming

Additional benefits of swimming

in particular, can provide additional benefits for the brain at the molecular and behavioral levels, by acting on the neurotransmitters that affect mood and the hormones that reduce stress. It is for this reason swimming is recommended for people whose activities directly associated with stressful workloads.

This is interesting:

Swimming improves cognitive abilities

One of the most predominant aspects of swimming is its effect on human cognitive abilities. Recall that cognitive functions are called higher brain functions, allowing us to think, to reason, to learn, to navigate in space, etc. Swimming increases blood flow, which in turn helps to improve memory, mood, mental clarity and concentration.

Swimming improves your ability to think.

Swimming effectively in the fight against depression

The Results showed that swimming has antidepressant effects in depressed rats. In the experiment, rodents were placed in water to determine how much time they spend in water and how long it will actively swim. Lazy rats spent significantly more time in active swimming compared with depressed rats, but they have been less likely to suffer from symptoms of depression after 30 days.

Swimming helps get rid of depression.

And what sport is your favorite? Share your stories with participants

Float — this is a quick and effective therapy

Swimming is also an effective method of rehabilitation of cerebrovascular diseases. Cerebrovascular disease is a group of diseases of the neck vessels and brain manifested by lesions of the brain substance. According to the results of numerous studies, the improvement in patients who regularly do swim faster and more efficiently.


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