The UK is ready to publish secret information about the aliens


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The UK is ready to publish secret information about the aliens

is There a UFO?

Is There extraterrestrial life? Perhaps this question can be considered one of the most popular on the number of queries in search engines or Yandex. As if trying to further provoke the masses, the governments of different countries most often simply placed all the mentions of UFOs and other obscure objects classified as “top secret” surrounding the situation an even greater aura of mystery. However, according to an article published on the portal since the beginning of the 1950s until 2009, the Department of the Ministry of defence of the United Kingdom conducted investigation of UFO sightings in different countries. Now, more than ten years after the end of the program, many of these previously classified files about UFOs will be first available to the public.

Disclosed data about UFOs

For the First time a UFO was observed over a hundred years ago, when at the end of the nineteenth century in the sky was seen the whole series perfectly . So, in November of 1896 in California, the witnesses could observe the rapid movement of a glowing ball, which after his disappearance appeared again but in a nearby town. The nature of the unusual phenomenon and tried to explain not only through “normal” now of the aliens, but with more rational reasons. So, for example, it was argued that plausible theories about the early development of the Wright brothers first airplane. Whatever it was, the real cause of the glowing lights at the end of the NINETEENTH century currently remain outstanding.

In the future, all cases of UFO sightings began to be recorded in the so-called “Blue book”, which was an impressive document of the U.S. air force with data on all manifestations of unidentified objects. After the release of the so-called Condon report, which assured the public in the absence of any anomalous unidentified flying objects, the project was officially closed. Thus, the complete archive of previously classified documents which will be presented to the public in the near future, may be the most complete collection in the history of mankind.

The decision on the publication of archival materials was made in a time when the British news Agency PA Media has submitted a formal request to files about UFOs, referring to the law “On freedom of information.”

the largest archive of data about UFOs may be free to the public in the near future

Despite the fact that the majority of reported sightings of “flying saucers” was an illusion, or deliberate hoax, some included in the archive cases really defy any logical explanation.

The Latest report about UFOs, published on the Internet consisting of a detailed report of the British government, is dated 2009 and discusses the observations that took place from January to the end of November of the same year. They include mention of «silver disc-shaped light» and of sightings of 20 orange and red glowing lights in the firmament of Albion.

In any case, the archive will be absolutely free available on the website of the National archives of the United Kingdom. In addition, this is where you will be able to witness signed by the hand of Winston Churchill documents with the requirement to understand “about the whole crap about ”.


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