NASA will build the spacecraft directly into orbit of the Earth


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NASA will build the spacecraft directly into orbit of the Earth

will look Approximately so build space antenna

Regular readers of our website know firsthand that humanity seriously intends to develop distant planets. In principle, therefore, the aerospace company SpaceX is developing for deep space missions and space Agency projects for the temporary habitation of space travelers. Some groups of scientists have figured out how , but in addition to this, it would be nice to learn how to build new space vehicles directly into orbit of planets. Fortunately, this in the mid-2020 will be occupied by Maxar Technologies, which at the request of NASA will launch into space the robot is able to collect the satellite antenna connection. But how will all this happen?

The terms of the contract with the American company Maxar Technologies Agency NASA said in its . The developer of space technology received from the Agency, 142 million U.S. dollars, and thereby took responsibility for the creation of technology for the Assembly of satellites and other equipment directly into Earth orbit. It is reported that Assembly will use a machine equipped with multiple robotic limbs.

the Assembly of the spacecraft in earth orbit

We are Talking about the spacecraft Restore-L, the launch of which is scheduled for mid 2020. He already has two robot hands, however, in the new project it will attach one more limb length to five metres. At the moment she is known as SPIDER, which is an abbreviation of the expression Space Infrastructure Dexterous Robot, which can be translated as "Agile robot for space infrastructure".

If all goes according to plan and the spacecraft has successfully come out on , it will build a three-meter antenna of seven segments. To do this, as noted above, more will use the robotic arm SPIDER. Assembly of the satellite communication will be considered successful if in the end he will be able to communicate with the ground station and to carry out sending and receiving of signals.

In Addition, the spacecraft Restore-L with robotic limbs will try to assemble on-orbit beam with a length of about ten meters. In particular, the researchers want to find out whether the robot is to disconnect that part from the parent satellites and to put it back in. Researchers believe that this is the first step to building a full-fledged space stations and ships in space.

By the Way, are you having deja vu? About the Restore-L by 2016, when the space Agency NASA has entrusted his creation of Space Systems. At that time, the speech of the spacecraft in Earth orbit does not go. But from the machine was required to perform equally important tasks like repairing satellites. It was also considered that further improvement of the robot will be able to restore the space debris, which prevents scientists to explore distant planets using ground-based telescopes.


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