Ancient space storm "moved" planets of the Solar system from their orbits


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Ancient space storm

the Ancient space storm could move planets in the Solar system

The Ancient space storm could form our Solar system. To this unexpected conclusion came specialists from southwest research Institute in Colorado. Some time later, after the planet gained its present form, a number of resonant tremors between giant planets knocked them from their usual orbits, forcing them some time to “wander” through the system. As the portal , the scars on the moon have convinced most planetary scientists that cosmic storm happened approximately of 3.96 billion years ago, through 650 million years ago after the formation of the Solar system. However, this theory does not fit into the usual picture of the planetary processes that took place at the dawn of our solar system. Maybe everything we know is wrong?

Space storm rearrange the planets of the Solar system

Two decades ago, scientists recognized that in the distant past of the Solar system planets had to migrate from their usual places in order to create our unique planetary system in the form we know it now. According to the model presented by scientists from the University of the côte d'azur, after the giant planets formed from a gas disk, dragged their fellow giants in the resonant circuit of the orbits where Saturn revolved around the Sun three times for two revolutions of Jupiter. Surrounding the planet, the gas acted as a shock absorber, soothing any instability, but once it dissipated, the attraction of the masses of the giant planets has unleashed chaos.

Analysis of lunar rocks collected from impact craters astronauts “Apollo” has shown that has undergone a major cosmic cataclysm approximately 3,95 billion years ago. A large-scale event was called the Late heavy bombardment suggests that the rocks collected by astronauts in several of the craters are debris from a powerful strike that created the pool of Imbrium. More precise Dating of lunar meteorites shows that the collision happened 4.3 billion years ago — much later than previously thought.

In a new article published in the journal Icarus, the researchers argue that earlier cataclysm could explain some strange features of the Solar system. Thus, the early instability could explain the presence of the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars, destroying planetary material on the border of the outer and inner parts of the Solar system. In addition, the compact form of the belt can occur due to the last phase of instability during which the last spurt of Saturn from Jupiter threw a residual after the formation of the planets the material in the current orbit.

Despite the fact that direct evidence of the instability of the early Solar system is almost there, the scientists intend to analyze the noble gases measured by the spacecraft Rosetta close to comet 67P. According to the specialists, the instability could cause the bombardment of the Earth by hail of comets almost immediately after it became solid. In addition, the ice composition of the double asteroid Patroclus-Menace, rotating in orbit of Jupiter, may indicate that the object was originally formed in distant parts of the Solar system and was later dragged the giant planets in our neighborhoods.

Anyway, there is a high probability that the ancient cosmic storm has contributed to the development of life on Earth. So, the giant planets located on their modern orbits are perfect to protect the Earth from invasion of asteroids and comets from the edge of the Solar system and the ancient comet hail could well become a source of much needed for organic life and water.


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